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SecretRoom is not just one environment, it's an AssetBundle containing a kit of matching parts you can use to build your own custom playroom room. A couple of scripts help with keeping everything aligned nicely, see attached videos.

New in Version 5
  • Fixed mouth opening weirdly when breathing for one of the characters. This was caused by "Drive Jaw Angle From Head Audio" somehow being enabled in the appearance preset I used.
  • Fully adjustable treatment chair asset.
  • Improved struggle animation in Room4Demo.
  • Properly parenting a number of atoms to others, so you can actually move things around like in the video.
  • Update to use Life.12.
New in Version 4
  • Updated the 3 existing demo scenes with current plugin versions, new looks and improved animation.
  • Added fourth demo scene for the chair.
  • New showcase videos.
Screenshots / Video
room1.jpg room2.jpg room3.jpg room4.jpg Cuffs.jpg


This was an EarlyAccess release! Download is now available for free under CC BY-SA license. You are allowed to reference this package in your own VAR packages, even if they are paid or use a different license. Links to my Patreon are always appreciated.​
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Latest updates

  1. Version 5 (free)

    Version 5 is now free. Note that version 5 did only changes to the demo scenes, so...
  2. Version 5

    Just some minor improvements and fixes for the demo scenes: Fixed mouth opening weirdly when...
  3. Version 4

    New in Version 4 Fully adjustable treatment chair asset. Updated the 3 existing demo scenes...

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