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Scenes SecretRoom 3

SecretRoom is not just one environment, its an AssetBundle containing a kit of matching parts you can use to build your own custom playroom room. A couple of scripts help with keeping everything aligned nicely.

Here is a video showcasing what can be customized:


New in Version 3
  • New set of heavy metal handcuffs and anklecuffs with baked ambient occlusion. Of course these come with the matching hex/allen key.
  • New hook/fixture and chain meshes. They got some more polygons and baked ambient occlusion to match the quality of the cuffs.
  • New room script allows to configure the color of leather and floor freely. Before you only had the option between red and black leather.
  • The 3 existing demo scenes have been upgraded and put in a separate VAR package. All are using Life6 now plus got some simple idle animation. Obviously I'm also using custom global illumination and custom reflection probes for each scene made with SkyMagic. Latex and metal would just not look right without it.
  • New spotlight model as the old one could not be put under CC licence.
  • New textures due to a licencing issue I discovered. Older versions of SecretRoom have been taken offline because of this. Now everything is either self-made or from CC0 sources.
  • Blonde hair by our awesome NoStage3.
  • My favorite latex catsuit used in the screenshots cannot be included. The demo scenes use one of the VaM build-in bodysuits instead. However, you can purchase the used catsuit in the Daz3d store, if you know how to import it yourself.
Dependencies for Demo scene

This was an EarlyAccess release, but is now free under CC BY-SA license for the community.​
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