1. Y

    Assets Leather_Collar 2022-08-08

    Check out the others -> https://www.patreon.com/Cogito_09
  2. CosmicFTW

    Clothing Leather Strap Harness 1

    A simple Leather Strap Harness with 4 color presets. Includes a white Free color texture to make your own color presets if you wish. Enjoy!
  3. Regulus

    Clothing BSDM Suit (Futa and Female) 3

    I do know the zipper is a bit big, willing to make a smaller one if enough people want, I also forgot the damn Zipper clasp, will update soon! More colors wanted? Let me know guys! Thank you for letting me be a part of this community! Update: Zipper Clasp Added, Also now includes Latex...
  4. OBO

    Paid Clothing Dress No 6 1

    如果你是中国国内的朋友想要单件下载,可以访问: Dress No 6 这可以使用微信支付购买单件。
  5. Regulus

    Clothing Catsuit - Stitched Leather 1.2

    Stitched Leather Catsuit, (Futa version only 10 Presets, Black with white stitching, Pink with black stitching, Black with pink stitching.) Female (Black Version only) added I would like feedback on this, any artifacts or things that need to be addressed, I some times have many things going...
  6. A & M Playhouse

    Looks Spank me daddy 2021-11-29

    tie me up and teach me a lesson
  7. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing Leather Jacket A 1

    Leather Jacket A This leather jacket has 4 presets. You can set your own color in each preset. Do you have a special request? I accept commissioned work. No matter which outfit you need right now. Feel free to contact me Look by me Tera
  8. pogdaddy

    Looks Marlena - Look + Sample Handjob Scene 1

    Currently the hair used for this model is removed from the hub. If you want to recreate this look, please download the hair from Miki's Hair Repository! Feel free to join my discord if you want! I will be sharing WiP stuff on looks and scenes, "inspirational content", and also can offer VaM...
  9. YUM_VAM

    Clothing Latex & Leather Mask 1.0

    Hello! I made the Latex & Leather Mask. You can change Leather & Latex from the preset of this mask. When you use this mask, using with no hair style. Otherwise, Hair grows from the mask. My twitter Account : YUM VaM (@YUM_VAM) / Twitter Leather                Latex <Screen shot> Credits -...
  10. CosmicFTW

    Paid Clothing Hyper Biker Set (15 items) 1

    Hyper Biker Set I present my biggest release yet. Including 15 items in a Hyper Biker Babe Theme, each with 7 presets/style textures including a Kevlar free color version and a special FTW Edition Preset for each piece: Hyper gloves Hyper choker Hyper corset Hyper shoulder pads Hyper bra Hyper...
  11. CosmicFTW

    Assets Bar Stool (4 color options) 1

    Bar Stool with leather top, (red, gold, black, pink) and collision enabled. Released freely under cc attribution.
  12. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Harness Straps And Tie 2021-06-01

    What do you need to complete the naughty look? Harness Straps And Tie of course! And I have some. There are two items: straps with simmed leather parts to fit most body types and necktie to look spicier. The items I used in the image (it's all mine, so it's easy to get them): Gift Band Choker...
  13. rernat

    Paid Clothing HW Garter with sims Special 1 2021-04-24

    This pack is based on my free hosted HW Garter Belt but contains 6 additional easy to change texture presets. Instructions: To change to another texture, choose the clothing --> customize --> presets --> click again on the folder and choose from the presets Credits: Bump textures...
  14. AngelCutebXtch

    Assets LeatherSofa 01

    Leather Sofa Visit my Patreon page for more up and coming great content, Mocap Animation, Clothes, Scenes and lots more. XXX
  15. Cloudcover

    Clothing Cloudcover's Ball Gag 1 1.2

    IMPORTANT NOTE - You need to set the included "CC Ball Gag Mouth 1" morph to 1.0 for this to fit correctly! Simple roleplay ball gag with three strap types and multiple texture presets including leather/pvc strap and multiple colours and text on the ball. Includes and requires "CC Ball Gag...
  16. AnythingFashionVR

    Paid Clothing Leather Jacket 1

  17. TheScenes

    Looks Gothic Woman 1.0

    Appearance preset, look and default scene, enjoy!
  18. Cloudcover

    Clothing Cloudcover's Skirt 1 1.2

    Simple skirt with three lengths plus a rolled-up to the hips one. Check out my Patreon for Blender and obj files of all my clothes. Includes multiple fabric presets, the same selection of presets are available across all four skirt lengths. Waistline designed to be an exact match with my...
  19. Cloudcover

    Clothing Cloudcover's Catsuits 1.0

    Three catsuit styles with PVC and Leather texture presets. 01 = No zip 02 = Partially unzipped 03 = Fully unzipped Some preview images use the Cloudcover Bust Morph 01, available as a separate package. Check out my Patreon for Blender and obj files of all my clothes. Preview images use the...
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