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Scenes KellyYoga 2022-12-08


Walk around her in VR and just admire the view.

Matt Richard for the original Mr.Yoga scene that this scene is a remix of.

Epi.RenVR_RMX_Skins_and_Textures brings the following credits: Alter3go was very generous to let me use makeups of his, modified by me. REN created the original textures. I have mixed parts of his works, and he has allowed me to release the modified textures. Without those original textures, this would not exist. Tan lines by DJ and textures from MonsterShinkai, Riddler and Vamjfd have also been used. A texture pack from WeebUVR is in the dependencies for optional gloss textures.

Epi.Kelly look used in the scene brings the following credits: Alter3go has helped and guided me with my head morphs. I have used ProjectCanyon's Morph Merger or ceq3's Morph Merge and Split between iterations, so I have not been able to keep track of every morph I have used but I am sure I have used some morphs from the greats such as Damarmau, ddaamm, Huz, KarmageddonVAM, KdollMasta, kemenate, Morphs_Mega_Pack, Spacedog, SupaRioAmateur, TenStrip, Vambo, VirtualREM, Wolverine333... Not to mention a lot of the morphs that come with VAM by default. Thankfully, all these people have been very generous to the community and the license on their morphs allow people to build upon them.

epiCreatorLite used to remix this scene brings the following credits: Required plugins and assets by MacGruber, TiSeb, MR, Register, Scamp, TheScenes, TGC, NoStage3, Vamtastic, VamxFan, Blazedust, hazmhox, MeshedVR, ky1001, and SPQR.

epiClothing package brings the following credits: Required original items from CloudCover, CuteSvetlana, Damarmau, Electric Dreams, Hunting-Succubus, ivansx, Jackaroo, Jakuubz, JaxZoa, kmsktx, LO, MeshedVR, ModsCreator, MonsterShinkai, mopedlampe, OBO, OrangeGumi, Regulus, rernat, Strelok, SupaRioAmateur, TGC, VL_13, VirtaArtieMitchel, VRDollz, WeebU, YameteOuji, Yaneks. Modified textures by NoOC, OBO, rernat, and tolborg.

epiHair package brings the following credits: Required original hairs from ddaamm, Lasseur, NoStage3, and VL_13.

Custom LUT from Sexy Kpop Dances by CheekiBreeki for PostMagic by MacGruber. Custom wood textures from 3dtextures.me.

Download and install VaM. You can always use 3 Easy Steps to Start Fresh. Download this package and its dependencies, and place them in the AddonPackages folder under your VaM installation.

Now you have all you need to run this, for free. Load the scene. Enjoy!

For the best experience
• Pico 4 or Quest 2.
• Virtual Desktop.
• Shadow Cloud or a PC with a dedicated WiFi 6 router.
You now have wireless VR.
No cables.

Put a small bathroom rug in the middle of your gameplay space.
You now know where the center is with your feet.
No running into walls.

Start the game, load the scene.
Move only once with the thumbstick so that the main character is in the center (on top of the rug).
You now have wireless roomscale VR where you can walk around her in your room and see her from any angle.

The lighting is optimized for this purpose, roomscale VR in 360-degrees.
The design is optimized to let you forget about everything else and be immersed in VR.
The scene quality only depends on you as the creator.

All you need is
• This free package,
• Free and hub-hosted dependencies that download with a single click,
• The hardware that's already out there.

Don't wait for the next game engine,
Don't wait for the next device,
VR is here.

Let the team worry about VaM 2.0.
You just create.
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

More resources from epi.noah

Latest updates

  1. Incremental improvements

    Legs shortened to better fit the animation. Wood color changed to pull more focus to the...

Latest reviews

I particularly like how realistic it looks. I dont know, it just simply looks more realistic than other scenes, how did you make it look like that?
Why the 4-stars man :)

It's the lighting rig, her skin, her 3d model, and her physics coming together to make it realistic. They can be used in other scenes and are shared here on the hub for that purpose.

Now give me a 5-start to bring that back up again :P
All my stuff is free, I work for likes
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This is F N remarkable Epi, astonishing scene with FLAWLESS lighting and stunning girl. You need to teach classes dude!
Thank you so much for the kind words.
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shi is justperfect...
Yup, I miss her if I'm not there. Thanks for the review :)
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I appreciate the focus on VR!
Thank you :)
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