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\\\\\EXTENDED version has been released for all patrons!\\\\\\
\\\\\You can find it at this link: Jiggle (Lapdance) Extended | AlpacaLaps on Patreon \\\\\

\\\\\UPDATE #2
-Added wet textures by SupaRioAmateur Textures - Geoshell Skin Overlay (Added Oily Skin) | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com)
(To better represent the hot and steamy action happening before your eyes!)
-During the BJ sequence the D will get wet and she will sweat a bit, cause you know, she's working it!

\\\\\HOTFIX #1
-Reduced hair count and sim to improve performance;
-Fixed weird eyelashes issue with enhanced eyes (SHADER settings on high is recommended);
-Improved shirt thickness to avoid curious nipples;

It's here! The base version of my latest scene. I am very happy with the end result! New lighting tricks and moves that I didn't want to try in previous scenes, but they came out pretty neat!

Hnet-image (2).gif

Hnet-image (4).gif

Hnet-image (7).gif

-Curious nipples may clip for no reason;
-FPS problems maybe? I've optimized it as well as I could, I'll wait for your feedback!;

-Intense lighting (WARNING, nothing extreme but still);
-New moveset;
-Long oral sequence (I heard you);
-Clothing triggers;
-Final tease and ride with nice view (I know it's short, hold on for the Extended version!);

FILES NEEDED (Everything is on the HUB so you can scan for these too):
-Clothing - Japanese Baggy Socks | Virt-A-Mate Hub By AmineKunai
-Clothing - Enhanced Eyes | Virt-A-Mate Hub By Hunting-Succubus
-Hairstyles - NoStage3 – Low Backswept Twintails | Virt-A-Mate Hub By NoStage3
-Morphs - TenStrip Expressions | Virt-A-Mate Hub by TenStrip
-Morphs - Import Reloaded Lite | Virt-A-Mate Hub by Spacedog
-Textures - Geoshell Skin Overlay (Added Oily Skin) | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By SupaRioAmateur

-Plugins - Timeline | Virt-A-Mate Hub by Acidbubbles
-Plugins - Soundtrack audio sync | Virt-A-Mate Hub by lfe
-SmoothMoves plugin by GargChow

As always thanks to all these amazing creators for their work.

-Place "AlpacaLaps.Jiggle.1.var" in your "AddonPackages" folder;
-Open Virt a Mate and before loading the scene verify on the "Package Manager" that AlacaLaps.Jiggle.1.var has all the needed dependencies installed, if not download all the missing stuff;

-Freeze before loading the scene
-80Hz, physics cap 2
-Possess the guy
-Try to adjust without moving too much otherwise penis won't go where he's supposed to and will be very sad
-To restart use default UI button, it should work consistently
-Unfreeze and Enjoy!

For any problems feel free to message me here!

///// Extended Version is now available for all patrons at this link: Jiggle (Lapdance) Extended | AlpacaLaps on Patreon /////

Thank you again to everyone who supported, left a comment, or reviewed anything I made. I always read everything so thank you so much!

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  1. Jiggle - Lapdance

    \\\\\UPDATE #2 -Added wet textures by SupaRioAmateur Textures - Geoshell Skin Overlay (Added...
  2. Jiggle - Lapdance

    \\\\\EXTENDED version has been released for all patrons!\\\\\\ \\\\\You can find it at this...

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Generously free thank you
You are welcome!
Flawless scene. Decent length for a freebie.
Thank you very much mate!
This is close to my favorite scene of all time. The only ding on it is that there is no looping. But it is a strip tease, it is kinda hard to loop that. Is it possible to have scenes loop back to a certain point? Like maybe the end bit could loop? Or is that the paid extended version? I am planning on following your Patreon for sure. How do the extended scenes work with the song ending? Oh, even though it does not loop, the way you do the ending is pretty amazing, the lights lowering down, the model, going a little limp... Very much like you stayed in Westworld after the park closed down.
Hey there, yes extended version are a perk for patrons, some give you access to different poses and stuff, while for this specific scene it just performs a one minute looping handmade animation
I just love scenes like this. It is very well done and syncs to music really well. Thanks for making this and sharing!
You are very welcome!
Well Done!
Thank you!
Hope you make it real big with vam. Good stuff.
Well thank you :)
Mind blown...amongst other things. ;) Love the dance, music, timing, lighting and everything. I registered just to leave this comment. My Korean club fantasy came true. :D
Wow thank you very much :)
Thiz iz da shits! RESPECT!
Thank you!
Scene better! ha! get it!? 'scene' / seen....as in...ok i'm leaving. (tough crowd ;)
Ahaha thank you!
Absolutely top-notch.
Thank you very much!
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