Geoshell Skin Overlay (Added Oily Skin)

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Update 3/10:
  1. Added Oily Skin Version
  2. Darker(Colored) Version Preset
  3. Genital Only Version Preset
  4. Improved Skin binding for wet texture
  5. Female and Male version
If there is any rendering issue, increase/decrease the rendering order in material setting to get better result

Fixed an issue with left arm being opposite direction

Was requested to add a male version, end up fixing some previously seen issue with Ivansx's version (can be find on hub, good for cloth, but not so much for wet texturing). I am aware there are multiple creator did wet texture for female, this one aim at fixing some issue stated below
  • Full body cover includes Genitals and InnerMouth
  • Penis could be wrong direction, there is a preset and rotated texture to fix that at Custom\Clothing\Male\SupaRioAmateur\Geoshell\RainDropsAndStreaks001_NRM_3K_Rot.jpg
  • Individuals body parts can be customized or turned off by reducing alpha slider to 0
  • Fixed issue with mouth open with others version
  • Covers much better on female and male genitals

  • Seamless texture from Mustard and Nagoonimation
  • @ICannotDie for suggestion and testing
  • @WeebUVR for helping importing male version
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  1. Clear 7.var

    Clear 7.var
  2. Added Oily Skin Version

    Update 3/10: Added Oily Skin Version Darker(Colored) Version Preset Genital Only Version Preset...
  3. Update: Added Genital only version for female and male, come with cum wet blood preset

    Update: Added Genital only version for female and male, come with cum, wet, blood preset. Added...

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Thanks for this. I had some paid assets that were similar but this is a nice version that's usable by all. I have a scene I'm going to release very soon that will utilize it.
sounds good, glad you find it useful
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