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Measures have been taken against the phenomenon that the texture disappears and the body becomes transparent when some Appearance files are applied.
1) The load position of CUA has been improved. I think it's much better than before. It's still not perfect, so if you feel it's misaligned after loading, adjust the CUA position manually.
2) "Change CUA Load Method" has been deleted.
3) I decided to delete the Preset file created when loading the Plugin. A system confirmation dialog is displayed when deleting. If it is inconvenient to check or if you want to keep the Preset file, uncheck "Delete Plugin Preset File".
4) All Links were changed to ParentLink when CUA was loaded, but it was changed to keep the original state.
5) In the case of FUTA Person, Morph may not be applied normally, so it has been corrected.

Custom UI
AppearanceLoader UI5.png
Added an option to load plugins from Person.
It can be loaded from preset or Person in the scene.
When loading, the number may be different from the original plugin #, so the loaded plugin may not work properly. In that case, please load individually in advance so that the required plugin is the correct plugin #.
Plugin loading is merge loading. If there is a duplicate with an existing plug-in, please remove the unnecessary plug-in.
A pluginPreset is created when you load the plugin. It is unnecessary after loading and can be deleted.

AppearanceLoader UI4.png
1) Added the option not to change Breast Physics and Glute Physics.
2) Revised the position accuracy when loading CUA. Although it is not perfect, I think there are many cases where it is improved over the previous version. When "Change CUA Load Method" is turned on, the position calculation method when loading is changed. In many cases, off is better. Sometimes it's better to turn it on. try it.

Custom UI
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1) CUA load function has been added. Only the CUA linked to the Target Person will be loaded. "Load CUA" is only added and the existing CUA is not deleted. If the plugin is built into CUA, the plugin will also be loaded. If the CUA Preset does not exist, a CUA plug-in preset will be created. It is unnecessary after loading CUA, so it can be deleted.
Storage location: "Custom/Atom/CustomUnityAsset "
File name: "Preset_pluginPreset_[scene name]_[CUA name]_[date and time].vap"
The position and angle of the CUA do not fit the Person perfectly, so please adjust after loading.

2) Added an option not to change Person's Scale.

I have created a preset for loading a plugin, but if anyone knows how to load it without a preset, please let me know.

Custom UI
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