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  1. Itoa

    Paid Looks Andi 1

    Today is the day here we go! The first exclusive is out and dang did she get a reaction! She has built up a lot of interest so I hope she doesn't disappoint! Thanks for all the love so far and expect more to come! https://www.patreon.com/posts/44280231 Notes: - Hair is Raven Tuck from...
  2. Denngar

    Looks Velas 1

    "Under sun and sky, outlander, we greet you warmly!" Decided to make a male look for once. Still with pointy ears, though. And since my dear Velyndra was feeling lonely... . ... I thought I'd give her some company. Also can't hurt to have some male looks on the Hub, I guess. As always...
  3. V

    Paid Looks Fox looks (Female & Futa) 1

    Female and futa fox looks for vam. Also comes with a moving tail. Includes general presets for everything except the tail. Look at the unity assets in the demo scene to see the setup for the tail. For other hair use the following lightning settings: RGB: Root: 160,30,0 Tip: 160,15,0 Spec...
  4. 1605895541.png


  5. MK47

    Paid Looks MK_47.LOOKS_Kayo 2020-11-19

    includes a walking animation.
  6. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)Bridgette 1.0

    *****Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental.***** Hair: BY Miki Seasonal Hairstyles https://www.patreon.com/posts/seasonal-43185205 By kemenate "Brows Janie"...
  7. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)Hayley 1.0

    *****Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental.***** Unzip the file to ==>> VaM_Release1.19 (or1.20) \Saves\scene Hair: By Roac long tieback1-1; long tieback1-2; long tieback1-3; fringe2; Knot 2...
  8. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)J-Hyun 1.2

    *****Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental.***** Hair: By Roac Summer hair https://www.patreon.com/posts/summer-hair-34723442 By kemenate "Brows Janie"...
  9. Itoa

    Looks Cleo - Itoa 1

    My first Look! I hope you like her! 🥰 Hair is Lush from Roac. Get my new looks as soon as they come out here: https://www.patreon.com/itoa
  10. Denngar

    Looks Pharah Look 1

    "Clear skies ahead!" Meet Fareeha Amari: Helix Security Chief, bringer of justice and part-time weather girl. Another Overwatch inspired look: This time it's jetpack-packing, Egyptian badass Pharah. Had this look on my list for quite some time, now I've finally got to finish it. Still not...
  11. vecterror


    Are you up for a double date this weekend? This is my new request work. Hollywood's best dream team when it comes to comedies - so how about a little weekend fun?
  12. MK47

    Paid Looks MK47_LOOKS_Helen 2020-11-13

    only needed if you dont have them MK_47.Female_Hair_pack.1.var link is here https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/female-hair-pack.2425/ sorry, it's my negligence. Usually when the model is created, I will adjust the model for a long time, including its hairstyle. However, the hair bag has...
  13. BooMoon

    Paid Looks [LOOKS] Nadia 2020-11-11

    credits: MacGruber ,Hunting Succubus ,Kemenate , Spacedog , Roac
  14. BooMoon

    Paid Early-Access Looks [LOOKS] Karen (futa) 2020-11-11

    credits :SupaRioAmateur,Spacedog,MacGruber,Hunting-Succubus,vren
  15. 1604854719.png


  16. MK47

    Paid Looks MK_47 LOOKS_Nami 2020-11-06

    All my creations Screenshot is taken without ReShade or any other post-processing, just VAM in desktop mode. includes a walking animation. only needed if you dont have them MK_47.Female_Hair_pack.var https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/female-hair-pack.2425/
  17. Denngar

    Looks Velyndra 1

    My first OC and one of the very first looks I created in VaM. Meet Velyndra, my dark elf mage. She's heavily inspired by the Dunmer from the Elder Scrolls series. She has come a long way since I first made this look, and now I feel like she is finally ready for sharing. This is the one look I...
  18. bamair1984

    Paid Looks (Look customization)Taeyeon 1.5

    (Look customization)Taeyeon *****Disclaimer: This is just a virtual model, any similarities are purely coincidental.***** Hair: By Roac "Summer hair" https://www.patreon.com/posts/summer-hair-34723442 By NoStage3 "Long Wavy 9 with...
  19. MK47

    Paid Looks LOOKS Bernice 2020-11-05

  20. theagle

    Paid Looks model Jolie and futa 2020-11-03

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