Paid Early-Access Plugins TittyMagic 5.1.2 (early access) / 59.var

  • Fixed a silent crash when loading a look that had hard colliders off - the colliders are now correctly enabled in the beginning of calibration.
  • The plugin now waits for the new look's assets to be loaded before continuing with calibration.
  • The plugin now prevents changing gender by loading an appearance/general or legacy preset. Previously, this was only prevented with a skin preset load or when changing skin manually. Anything else in the appearance/general/legacy preset will still be applied, but the skin will revert back to the original one. This prevents the plugin from crashing - to change gender without errors, disable the plugin, change the gender and then reload the plugin.

New demo scene available!

Adaptive collider friction
  • Hard collider friction always decreases when the collider moves away from its normal position inside the breast - this enables colliders to stay better inside the breast instead of sticking to the colliding objects
  • In Skin Materials 2 tab, you can enable adaptive collider friction, and offset the friction manually
  • When adaptive friction is enabled:
    • both soft collider and hard collider friction decrease with Gloss to simulate oiled/wet breasts
    • specular bumpiness increases friction but the amount increased scales with gloss - i.e. if gloss is low, specular bumpiness has little effect on friction
Other collider and physics improvements
  • Generally a bit more consistent hard collider sizes and positions for different breast sizes
  • Adjusted hard collider positions, sizes and collision forces to prevent the breast center gap area from causing bounces as easily
  • Default fat collider radius is increased a bit for large breasts to prevent objects sliding through too easily
  • Added a bit more fat back force for soft breasts
  • Nipple collider can now be resized. Normally in VAM, the nipple collider does not react to the Fat Collider Radius setting in F Breast Physics 2. In the plugin, the radius can be changed with the Multiplier Offset (default multiplier value is 0.33) to ensure a perfect fit.
Soft collider visualization
  • Visualize soft colliders in Fat Collider Radius and Fat Collider Depth windows.
  • If Show Collider Previews is off, adjusting the offset sliders will still display the group of colliders that the offset is being applied to while you press down on the slider - e.g. adjusting the nipple offset will visualize the nipple collider.
Twist Angle Target physics parameter
  • Forward-back axis equivalent of the Up/Down and Left/Right angle targets, rotates the breasts clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Not automatically adjusted by the plugin but it can be offset from its default value of 0
Improvements to calibration
  • Breast collision is now disabled during calibration so that the result will always be correct even with collision occurring at the beginning of calibration
  • Instances of TittyMagic connect to each other and calibrate in sequence, correctly unchecking the Freeze Motion/Sound checkbox when all instances are done calibrating
    • You can now save a scene with multiple characters having TittyMagic 5.1, and the scene will continue playback correctly when the plugins are done calibrating
Fixes/Quality of Life/Other
  • Fixed errors when disabling, enabling or removing the plugin on futa character
  • Fixed fatal error when advanced colliders were not enabled before adding plugin
  • Fixed restoring original hard colliders enabled when plugin is disabled/removed
  • Removed unneeded hard collider Length Offset setting
  • Friction Offset slider is now triggerable and saves with the scene/preset
  • Added "OpenUI_ConfigureColliderFriction" keybinding action
  • Open UI actions are also now triggerable - previously they were only usable via Keybindings
  • Morphs adjusted by the plugin are no longer saved with the scene - the plugin will apply the correct morph values when the scene is loaded anyway
  • Fat Collider Radius and Fat Collider Depth parameters now show the value more precisely with 5 decimals places instead of 4
  • Main/outer/areola/nipple multipliers have now a maximum value of 2 instead of 5. In general 2 is more than enough for any imaginable reason to adjust the setting on a per group basis, but I left Fat Spring and Fat Damper with the maximum multiplier of 5 (to match the original multiplier slider range for those settings in F Breast Physics 2).
  • Prevent navigation to hard colliders UI on a male character (it would just take you to a blank page in the plugin UI, but now it will print a message that says it's a female only feature)
  • Ensure plugin gets removed from memory if removed from the person
  • Soft physics parameters are no longer needlessly triggerable if character is not female
  • Changing gender while the plugin is active is now prevented - if opposite gender skin is selected, the previous skin is restored in order to prevent errors. (A message is printed "Changing gender while the plugin is active is not supported. Disable the plugin, change gender and then reload the plugin.")
  • Hard collider force is now applied immediately when you change the slider value
  • If hard colliders are disabled with a trigger or programmatically by another plugin, this will no longer trigger calibration (they are force enabled without a calibration)
  • Some optimizations to navigating to the plugin UI with Keybindings commands: any existing open plugin UI is closed automatically, and if a keybinding is triggered when the plugin is still initializing, the execution of the keybinding is delayed until initialization is done (e.g. navigating too early could cause an error)
  • Fixed minor issue where unchecking Apply Only To Left Breast would apply an incorrect value to the right breast in the case of Right/Left Angle Target
TittyMagic v5.0.6 is now free to the public! (License CC BY-SA)
  • Fixed issue where changing the skin (in Skin Select tab or via skin preset load) would cause breast mass calculation to stop working. Changing between different female skins on the fly should now work without having to reload the plugin.
  • Fixed issue where the pectoral joint's collision would be re-enabled by toggling the person atom's collision. This was disabled in order to make collision based only on soft physics in v4.1, and the v5.0 which additionally uses hard colliders also doesn't need the pectoral joint itself to have collision.
  • The pectoral joint's collision is no longer disabled on futa characters, allowing at least some kind of collision for futa breasts (like in VAM by default).
  • Recalibrate Physics and Calculate Breast Mass actions are now triggerable
  • When the plugin is disabled, it's no longer possible to trigger recalibration, apply physics parameter offsets or configure hard colliders. Enabling the plugin again enabling will apply any changes you've made while the plugin was disabled - i.e. you can still interact with the sliders but they are "inert" until you enable the plugin.
  • fixed double calibration on initialization when soft physics was originally disabled
  • fixed error when attempting to modify the person UI when the person UI is not already open (for hiding VAM's default physics tab contents) - now it will apply the change when the UI is opened
  • fixed issue in VR where navigating to the plugin UI using the buttons in VAM's default physics tabs would not preserve the UI position
  • fixed issue where making the F Breast Presets tab content visible again when the plugin is disabled would display an extra copy of the "Use Merge Load" toggle outside of the UI
  • Breast gravity was not working when leaning to the right - left/right target angle was not being adjusted correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the actual applied physics parameter value could be lower than the minimum value shown in the parameter's Value slider, e.g. spring 0 could be applied even though 10 is the slider minimum. This was possible when using a very low quickness and a very high softness value and leaning back (which reduced spring a lot).
  • Main joint spring is reduced more with softness - soft breasts seemed a bit too static.
  • To compensate for the above, and to keep the spring more consistent in different poses, breast gravity (leaning back/forward etc) now reduces spring less than it used to.
  • Breast quickness slider also has less effect on spring.
  • Up/down target angle is now reduced more as part of downward breast gravity for mid sized breasts - in other words, when standing up, breasts drop down a little bit more heavily.
Disabled vanilla physics tabs

Virt-A-Mate's normal breast physics tabs are now disabled while the plugin is active. The disabled tabs are M Pectoral Physics, F Breast Physics 1 and 2, and F Breast Presets. In each tab there's just a button to take you to the TittyMagic UI.

The settings in those tabs can still be modified with triggers or by other plugins, but there's no reason to, and for the most part those modifications have no effect anyway.

Small changes to default collider settings

The previous patch changed the positions of colliders a bit too close to the skin for medium sized breasts. This patch fixes that, bringing the behavior closer to how it was in 5.0.1.
  • readjusted base collision forces for each collider
  • colliders 2 to 5 radiuses are more consistent
  • moved the innermost and outermost colliders a bit closer to the center
  • colliders move inward and bunch together a little more for mid size breasts
  • Simplified restoring of original physics when the plugin is disabled or removed. It should also work correctly in all cases (across saves, appearance or plugin preset loads, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where loading e.g. an appearance preset where hard colliders are disabled would disable the hard colliders on the active plugin as well. Now, if hard colliders are disabled by a preset load or with a trigger, the plugin recalibrates and automatically re-enables them.
Fixes to hard colliders


  • Hard colliders are now visualized accurately. The previous visualizations did not actually represent the shapes correctly - all of the breast hard colliders are in fact spherical in their default configuration.
  • The spherical colliders Pectoral2 to Pectoral5 are resized and rearranged in a curved pattern filling most of the breast volume, with Pectoral1 remaining a larger central collider. None of the colliders should poke out noticeably, though the end result can depend on what morphs you're using.
  • Renamed "Radius" to "Radius Offset" and "Length" to "Length Offset" in the hard colliders configuration screen.
  • The Length Offset slider now starts from 0 which represents a spherical shape. When the length is increased, the collider starts to stretch into a capsule shape. It depends on the individual collider how much the offset needs to be increased to cross the threshold above which it actually starts to increase in length physically.

More Keybindings actions

Also, more Keybindings actions are available. I highly recommend this plugin when in desktop mode - the fuzzy find feature (CTRL+T) allows quickly accessing various actions, and any action can also be bound to a key.

TittyMagic.OpenUI_Controlopens the plugin UI and navigates to the main window
TittyMagic.OpenUI_ConfigureHardCollidersopens the plugin UI, navigates to the main window and opens the Configure Hard Colliders screen
TittyMagic.OpenUI_PhysicsParamsopens the plugin UI and navigates to the Physics Paramswindow
TittyMagic.OpenUI_MorphMultipliersopens the plugin UI and navigates to the Morph Multipliers window
TittyMagic.OpenUI_GravityMultipliersopens the plugin UI and navigates to the Gravity Multipliers window
TittyMagic.AutoUpdateMassOnenables Auto-Update Mass
TittyMagic.AutoUpdateMassOffdisables Auto-Update Mass
TittyMagic.CalculateBreastMasstriggers recalibration and calculates breast mass
TittyMagic.RecalibratePhysicstriggers recalibration

Known issues

The main post / Overview page is updated with a Known issues list at the end of the post - if you find an issue, it might already be listed there.
  • Fixed a major bug where removing any atom from the scene would cause parts of the plugin components to be removed as well, breaking the hard collider configuration window among other things.
  • All of the offsets are now triggerable - they can be adjusted with UI slider triggers, animation triggers etc.
  • Increased hard collider base collision force multiplier from 0.5 to 0.75, and increased the max value from 1.0 to 1.5

TittyMagic 5 introduces improved and more realistic breast behavior, a plethora of new features, a brand new user interface - making this easily the biggest major update to the plugin ever.

The early access period ends on Sep 12.

Despite the long change log, using the plugin is just as automatic and easy as before, requiring zero user configuration for a good experience. For those of you who want the details, let's dive in.

Improved collision physics with hard colliders

Breasts in Virt-A-Mate have five capsule-shaped colliders that fill up the volume of the breast. Without TittyMagic, these hard colliders protrude outside of the skin and colliding with them causes breasts to move extremely easily, therefore they have been disabled in previous TittyMagic versions.

In TittyMagic 5, the colliders sizes and other parameters are optimized, enabling quite a bit more realistic touch physics than before: breasts are easier to move when touched, maintain their volume better, and can be more realistically interacted with during animations. It's a finely tuned interplay between the collision physics, optimal soft physics and directional force based morphing.


  • hard colliders are always enabled, and the amount of movement they cause when collided with can be adjusted using the collision force sliders
  • hard colliders are optimized automatically for all breast sizes and breast softness values
  • each of the five colliders can be fine tuned manually (adjustments always apply to both breasts)
  • the colliders can be visualized when the configuration window is open - this feature was adapted from Collider Editor
New physics defaults

Without going into too much detail, breasts now behave more naturally - jigglier and quicker, more mobile. All physics settings have been readjusted and carefully calibrated to work properly and consistently for every possible combination of breast mass, softness value and quickness value. There's a lot of different curve functions being applied in the background (e.g. how the spring value should curve when mass is increased), where previously all physics setting calculations were linear.

Unrestricted physics settings

All breast physics settings are now adjusted directly to the person atom's joints, bypassing some of the restrictions Virt-A-Mate sets on breast physics.

Force based adjustment of physics

Applying force to the breast now dynamically adjusts center of gravity, damper, in/out damper, fat spring and fat back force. This was made possible by the ability to adjust any physics setting independently for each breast. The effect of these adjustments isn't super obvious, but more of a fine tuning. In the future, complete physics asymmetry will be possible to configure by the user.

Main, outer, areola and nipple multipliers for all soft physics settings

By default in Virt-A-Mate, only fat spring and fat damper can be adjusted per soft collider group. With TittyMagic 5, all of the soft physics settings have this capability. Because why not? :D

The default physics settings include a bit higher fat mass for the main group and lower fat mass for the outer and nipple groups, as well as increased collider radius on the areola (helps the areola keep its shape better).

Up to 3 kg maximum mass

Breast mass now goes up to 3 kg, up from 2 kg. Technically it could go even higher, but I decided to limit it to that in order to calibrate all other parameters more easily to the full range of breast mass values.

In addition, a few other parameters have different min and max values compared to vanilla VaM, e.g. fat mass goes all the way to 0.

Physics settings customization


Virt-A-Mate's own F Breast Physics windows are not meant to be used! Sliders in those windows are set to 0 when TittyMagic is loaded, and restored back to their original values if TittyMagic is disabled or removed. All adjustment of breast physics must be done in the plugin UI!
All physics settings have their own section in the Physics Params tab, with a short explanation of what the setting does and the ability to offset the value manually. Note that all dynamic adjustments are still being applied even when you offset the value manually. These dynamic adjustments can be either the force based adjustments described above, or the usual gravity physics adjustments (chest angle based).

The Apply Only To Left Breast toggle allows you to compare the effect of the offset on the left breast versus the unmodified right breast in real time.

The current value sliders in the main, outer, areola and nipple groups show the current multiplier value and then the actual applied value (base value x multiplier).

Improvements to breast gravity and morphing


Both Breast gravity (formerly known as Gravity physics multipliers) and Directional force morphing (formerly known as Dynamic morphing multipliers) now have their own tab/window with a base multiplier slider and separate up, down, forward, back and left/right sliders.

Changes to breast gravity
  • Spring is now reduced a lot more when leaning back/forward, and it is also reduced when upside down and leaning to the side, allowing breasts to move more freely in those angles.
  • Other gravity based adjustments to physics are also amplified.
  • Better balanced scaling of breast gravity adjustment with breast mass.
Changes to directional force morphing
  • Added a proper downward morphing component. Previously, Up/Down was just for the upward morphs increasing and decreasing in value - now breasts can also morph down from their shape at rest. It's a subtle effect, but adds that little bit of extra animation when the downward force is higher than 1G.
  • The amount of dynamic morphing is increased, making soft breasts change shape more drastically when leaning in different directions, in animations etc.
  • Better balanced scaling of the amount of morphing with breast mass and softness.
Miscellaneous changes and fixes


  • Added a recalibration button to the plugin UI - it refreshes the breast physics and calibrates the breasts for directional force morphing and force based adjustment of physics settings. Use this if the breasts behave weirdly, which can happen e.g. if something is colliding with the breasts during calibration.
  • The logic around calibration is improved and various small issues are fixed. It takes a little longer but the result is more consistent and accurate.
  • Adjusting something while recalibration is ongoing now queues another recalibration, and runs it when the previous one is done.
  • Fixed a bug where an adjusted softness value was not using a correct internal morphing multiplier for that softness
  • Grab moving the person atom with Freeze Physics While Grabbing checked now prevents continuous updates to morphs/physics (this caused overkill breast deformation due to the frozen physics)
  • Soft physics in Control & Physics 1 is no longer forced on when the plugin is loaded (plugin is meant to be fully compatible with person atoms where soft physics is disabled)
  • When soft physics is disabled in any User Preferences, Control & Physics 1 or in the plugin UI, the plugin notifies you if it's still disabled in the other two places
  • Futa and female plugin presets are compatible with each other
  • Fixed an error when loading plugin on person atom that has advanced colliders disabled: advanced colliders are now enabled automatically

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