Timeline 6 Demo

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Timeline 6 Demo

IMPORTANT: This scene requires Timeline v6.0.0 (AcidBubbles.Timeline.268) - or more recent.

IMPORT: This scene was not made for VR



With special permission from Damarmau, Hunting-Succubus and SupaRioAmateur

- Morphs by PetaZwega (Henry) AshAuryn (Expressions) and Damarmau (Kira)
- Textures by Androinz (Ellie), PetaZwega (Henry), Damarmau (Muscles), FireByrd (Makeup)
- Eyes reflections and shadow by Hunting-Succubus
- Plugins by hazmhox (VAMMoan), ClockwiseSilver (MultiAssetVamifier), MacGruber (PostMagic)
- Beard, body hair by Kemenate
- Clothing by SupaRioAmateur (Earrings)
- Sounds by hazmhox (VAMMoan), Twelvepak (Common Sounds)
- Hair by Roac (Claire)
- Environment by VamTastic (Modern Appartment)

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Latest updates

  1. Removed dependency on Roac Clara, which was not Hub-hosted

    Removed dependency on Roac Clara, which was not Hub-hosted
  2. Timeline 6 demo now uses the free Timeline 6 version on the Hub

    The scene is the same as before, but it depends on the Hub-hosted version of Timeline!

Latest reviews

This is so awesome! The first time seeing this, my first thought was that this was a Timeline demo scene for 2.x, because the preview screenshot looked so good. If you're reading this, what are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourself! 🤯
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks! It looks good thanks to the amazing work of @Damarmau, @Androinz, @PetaZwega and @MacGruber amongst others, shout out to them :)
Some of the most realistic movements, sounds and reactions I’ve seen.
Amazing show of what’s possible with the timeline!
Thank you for creating unlimited value for the community. We need Acid Bubbles!(Sorry my english)
The amount of work you put into a demo. Impressive
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks! I was fiddling on this while developing Timeline to test it so it doesn't really count :P
Impressive demo o_O
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