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The Interview: Professionally Voiced, Animated Choose Your Own Adventure

Paid Scenes The Interview: Professionally Voiced, Animated Choose Your Own Adventure 0.5


Warning: Sound: From our Smokin' Hot Voice Actress (unmute each video)

A Fully Voiced and Lip-Synced Choose Your Own Adventure with a Sexy Generic 28 year old British Moviestar named Elliara (You provide your own textures for the face and body to customize her to your fantasy but audio, scenes, clothes, hair, and animations are all provided.) First Alpha is out, will be building on this continuously with more minutes of audio, more positions, and more to do. Not a ton of content but definitely some immersive parts, will keep coming back with more and more quality passes until it's all golden. Some custom scripting to control E-Motion parameters and randomized dialogue based on arousal/sex intensity.

The final 1.0 release will be out for free.

Features List: (updated)

- Several minutes of both scripted and randomized audio.
- Dynamic Dialogue Trees: She responds with different audio to your different prompts, and your questions and responses affect things like her breathing rate, arousal, and amicability. (this is still pretty primitive)
- Fully voiced and lip synced.
- Dynamic moaning system for randomized audio: Audio selections and clips reflect the intensity of the situation and her general arousal.

For Example, when sex intensity is high (it climbs automatically slowly) she is more likely to request you cum inside her, and her breathing will noticeably get faster and louder.

- Speed of um....activity settings
- A handful of Idle and erotic animations (A goal is to also move away from Merge-Load scene to maximize immersion) This is really tricky but with acidbubbles new plugin we're making good progress on this.
- VH34 HJ Manger : Dynamically control how hard she squeezes you, etc
- More Options in Scene 2 - take it slow, hard, or fast. Each setting affects her breathing, speed, and the nature of her commentary.
- support for amine kunai's sperm on face pack. Let her take it on her face. (Can't include paid content but will work if you have the assets)


This fantasy is intended to be GENERIC so no face texture is included for the girl. However I recommend using face textures from brilliant creators such as @Zombie_Siris or @Orregon. You can easily swap this out by clicking on the Person and going to textures, or simply loading a look on top of her with similar body proportions.

I HIGHLY recommend downloading a look from Orregon before use, but it's not required. I also highly recommend buying amine kunai's sperm on face pack, because it's really hot to see her ask for it and get it. Also not strictly required.

This is very much a work in progress - expect bugs and jankiness that will be resolved with each pass.

Every attempt was made to only include free unlicensed third party resources, but if you have any issue with your clothing, texture, morph, or hair asset being used, please PM and it will be removed. Thanks.
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