The Huntress - Remixed look for Metachat

Looks The Huntress - Remixed look for Metachat 10

I changed the original female look back to her original hair because I liked it more.

Gave the Futa a new hair style, and a little bit more clothing.

Removed the sim hair for the male's beard, and added a remixed eyeshadow+beard decal.
I've spent WAY too much time trying to optimize this look for Metachat.

I've tried my absolute best to keep decencies to a minimum. But I also added a Futa Look and a Male look based on the original girl.

I hope this brings you all as much joy as I had crafting it!
I've included a number of Plugins on the person to make her work as soon as she's imported.

I am also preparing to make a futa version, and so I need to quickly upload this before I can apply the Female Morphs to the Futa.

Other Credits:
@ToumeiHitsuji - Slapstuff and Audio Pack
@Acid Bubbles - Embody
@hazmhox - Vammoan
@Vinput - AutoThruster
@ClockwiseSilver - SilverExpressionTool
Very VERY minor fix, removing the MetaChat Object from the scene just to ensure it doesn't mess with MC Scenes, it'll probably not do anything to anyone who just wants to use her look, just making sure.
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