The Huntress (Look Collection) for Metachat

Looks The Huntress (Look Collection) for Metachat 42

Accidentally left a non hub hosted reference in my look, also swapped the hair styles for Smol Huntress and Prof. Huntress to fit their personalizes better.
After some...playtesting ;)

We found that the "Hunted" was a bit too smol. So I scaled him up to match the height of the Smol Huntress.

Also made his hair have more rigidity so it's less floaty in MC.

Changed the Hair on Goddess Huntress and added Mrs. H my latest creation for athletic MILF enjoyers :)
  • Using VAM 1.21. Preloaded Preset Names for Plugins, Clothing and Appearance appropriate for Metachat, this will make it a tiny bit easier for anyone using my looks in MC to have a 1-click setup (assuming they are using the MetaChatToolKit)
  • Also made some small tweaks to Person Names etc.
Completely changed the Male Look to be more handsome and a "glow up" version of the "Smol" verson.

Also changed the hair and eye color of the Goddess Version
I apologize, I forgot to name the new Goddess Look's Person Atom, still showed as Prof. Huntress instead of Goddess Huntress.
Sorry, forgot to attach the scene for Academia Looks, which also had a reference to a paid content.
Adding a new Goddess Outfit from Qing

2 New Student variations. Smol Huntress and Hunted :)
I'm devastated to learn that the assets used in my remix of the Beidou outfit had a bunch of sub-dependencies which were not hosted on the hub :cry:!

Unfortunately, I have to remove them to be full MetaChat compatible :(
Separated my looks into different themed scenes to improve load times, added toggle buttons.
Added a new remix of a Pirate Captain Look (Original is Beidou from Genshin Impact) Credit for the hair and fur goes to @Noc_This

I wish I could include the original clothing, but paid content won't work on MetaChat, so I had to improvise :)
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