The Golden Ticket (British Babe): Professionally Voiced with 150+ audio files!

Scenes The Golden Ticket (British Babe): Professionally Voiced with 150+ audio files! 0.6

Nestled high in the mountains, you answer a one of a kind invitation for a getaway with that one classy movie star you've always had a crush on, a generic posh british babe named Elliaria Incognito. Her identity may be a mystery (and is up to you -To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or fictional, the provided look is GENERIC and contains very few face morphs and no textures) but her motivations are decidedly not. Swap in the girl of your dreams and have her your way.

This is a WIP and subject to change and bugfixes. Has lots of rough edges that I'm slowly iterating on towards version 1.0. NOW FEATURING SOME EXCLUSIVE COMISSIONED BIKINI bottom courtesy of the very talented @AnythingFashionVR

This is how the game looks on a fairly high end pc. if you have lag issues consider reducing performance sliders/pixel lights.

Sign the contract and find out where the day takes you. The ultimate fanservice. The Golden Ticket.
This alpha is a little rough and early as **** but will be getting a lot more love as the weeks go by. I wanted to loop you guys in early. SO MUCH MORE IS COMING!! Right now there's about 8 minutes of audio but we will be expanding that to around 30 over the coming weeks and months. With more positions, more sex, more things to do, just like our sister project The Fuck Awakens.

So what is this?

Fully-voiced multi-position immersive scene with spoken dialogue by a hot British VA driven by some in-house scripting AI. Dialogue is configurable, semi-random, and event-driven. Sex motion is configurable but slightly randomized. A blank slate generic girl with no face textures you can overwrite to look like anyone you want. It doesn't take a detective like Holmes and Watson to determine you could easily swap in any hot british girl you want for this.

How much does it cost?

It's free! And I will be updating it in the future, however, consider subscribing if you want more advanced content in the future, and early access.

If you enjoy it, there's an extended version of the scene with a lot more stuff to do:

This sucks! I found a bug

Sorry, it's WIP. And it's free, but let me know and I will fix it.

Who is this for?

Someone who isn't completely new to vam. The project structure is a little more complicated than a simple VAR for performance reasons and you need to know how to create your own apperance preset, load it, remove or delete items, etc. You might need to tweak things like cycleforce quicknesses, stuff like that, as physics rates have different results on different systems. You may even have to adjust trigger timing, things like that, as this is alpha and won't be working perfectly yet.

Who should I thank for this?

Tacocat, Adamant, Roac, and Acidbubbles most of all. Thank you thank you thank you. And our awesome ass voice actress. Thank you also to Emma Atkins for the detailed work on the clothing settings.

Scripting grows more advanced each week, with advanced options like personalities and positional audio:

(this is mostly controlled for you)

First Alpha is out and contains just a sprinkling of content, will be building on this continuously with more minutes of audio, more positions, and more to do, second passes on awkward stuff, reworking and adding more audio. Not a ton of content but definitely some immersive parts, will keep coming back with more and more quality passes until it's all golden. Some custom scripting to control E-Motion parameters and randomized dialogue based on arousal/sex intensity.


To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or fictional, the provided look is GENERIC and contains very few face morphs and no textures. PLEASE CUSTOMIZE/OVERWRITE THE LOOK TO YOUR OWN FANTASY. ALL other content is provided like audio, outfit, and accessories but you will have to provide your own look to adapt to your fantasy. It's EASY to load one however, simply download a hot look, say from Vecterror, and go to load Look and replace our generic girl.

Seriously - just search for 'Vecterror' or 'Orregon' and you'll find plenty of great PERFECT looks for this role.

NOTE ON THE CONTENT (just to temper your expecations):

The scenes are mostly short loops with some advanced scripting and some great dialogue. Not a TON there but it will be continuously improved like our other scenes in the coming months. Do not expect very much complex animation, this is primarily an audio/scripting project.

We regularly update characters with new dialogue/dirty talk/moaning.

Features List: (updated)

- Several minutes of both scripted and randomized audio.
- Dynamic Dialogue Trees: She responds with different audio to your different prompts, and your questions and responses affect things like her breathing rate, arousal, and amicability. (this is still pretty primitive) [coming soon]
- Fully voiced and lip synced.
- Dynamic moaning system for randomized audio: Audio selections and clips reflect the intensity of the situation and her general arousal. (every playthrough she says different randomized stuff after the fixed intro)
- Over 30 audio clips for this character alone and growing!

For Example, when sex intensity is high (it climbs automatically slowly) she is more likely to request you cum inside her, and her breathing will noticeably get faster and louder.

- Speed of um....activity settings
- A handful of Idle and erotic animations


This is very much a work in progress - expect bugs and jankiness that will be resolved with each pass.

A small fraction of people have reported characters freezing in a handful of scenes but they are in the minority - seems to be a plugin conflict that happens for some folks, hoping to track it down.

Every attempt was made to only include free unlicensed third party resources, but if you have any issue with your clothing, texture, morph, or hair asset being used, please PM and it will be removed. Thanks.
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  1. major update 0.6

    warning: some positions still wip and clip through the bed/undress swapper isnt ready yet ram...
  2. animation tweaks, new positions, new speed controls

    animation tweaks, new positions, new speed controls
  3. major animation and audio update

    lots of both, still some bugs, working towards 1.0. primitive multiverse functionality.

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