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Tentacle "Orca"

Assets Tentacle "Orca" 1.5

An attempt to make a tentacle with a bit of personality.

Check out the demo scene to see how I've set it up in VAM. Also includes subscenes for easy setup in any scene.

  • Head is locked to the CUA atom, effectors move the body. Making it easy to do precise animation. Unparent the IKCUA effectors, and enable physics for immediate natural movement.
  • Full body collision through a series of spheres following the skeleton.
  • Has mostly been explosion proof in my testing. But be careful with large scaling.
  • Lots of blendshapes for expressing.
For body posing, use: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/ik-for-custom-unity-assets.12870 (use Body.023 for best results)
Important when saving: Never turn off an atom that has IKCUA rigging and then save. This breaks the rigging upon reload. Potentially ruining a lot of work.
For accessing head poses, use: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/customunityasset-blendshapes-controller.17494

(Only hold position strength of the CUA is changing to create the body movement in these gifs. Head is animated in timeline.)
GIF 29-10-2023 03-45-07.gif
GIF 29-10-2023 03-47-55.gif

GIF 29-10-2023 20-02-47.gif
GIF 29-10-2023 20-14-13.gif

AcidBubbles and imakeboobies for making it possible.
3D model by me.
Normal maps by "3dtextures dot me".

Verts/tris = 1594 / 3143
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

More resources from TRSD

Latest updates

  1. 1.5: Clean up, long version.

    Removed the experiments. Sorry if this breaks anything. 17 collider version remains. Long...
  2. 1.11: Collider variants

    To keep the illusion of the tentacle, the end needs to be hidden by something. While working on...

Latest reviews

Great !
Upvote 0
Finally had a chance to play around with it, really fun to animate! Definitely using this at some point
Upvote 0
Made from scratch, impressive.
This means a lot to me since it's my first attempt at creating a creature in Blender. Thank you
Upvote 0
This is so funny that you already found a fix for this. I was messing with them today and turned collision off. Your subscene works really well and I’m having a lot of success with it. It’s hard to get a good flow look for tentacle assets. Maybe one in the future that’s just longer and not as complex? I don’t think collision is absolutely necessary for a tentacle scene, since alot of it can just be static. It would just help to be able to not have to hide the ends, then at least you could create the illusion that they are in fact longer. Thanks for this scene/asset. 100% loving testing it out.
Yeah IKCUA is a blessing, but it's very finicky. Never turn the CUA atom off and save. Never switch asset.

Glad the subscene works as intended, I forgot it was included. I think more variants of the subscene with tentacles for specific scenarios would be next on the list. This is where feedback helps. The current one is the full package to demo possibilities and inspire.

A longer version has been on my mind since the first Blender export. It'll definitely happen. I just need to be done with the demo scene update.
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Haha, I like it, this new friend... I think I can make good use of it.
I'm looking forward to it! Feel free to message if you need some changes. Your stuff is insane.
Upvote 1
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