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Tentacle "Orca"

Assets Tentacle "Orca" 1.5

Removed the experiments. Sorry if this breaks anything.

17 collider version remains.
2023-11-12 222548.jpg

Long version added.
2023-11-12 222549.jpg
To keep the illusion of the tentacle, the end needs to be hidden by something. While working on the demo scene update, I found there was not enough length to go below ground to keep the tail-end from getting accidentally exposed. The colliders got in the way.

The current one (tentacle.prefab) has 13 colliders along the body:

So I've made some variants:

9 colliders:

9 colliders, no head:

Since the colliders aren't affected by blendshapes changes, this gives the option to add some shape atoms as colliders and manually animate them for the head.

17 colliders:

Double density. An experiment to see if it results in less bead-like collision. (capsule colliders seems to like to explode actors when put in series like this.)
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