Sunny Beach for Metachat

Scenes Sunny Beach for Metachat 4

- Added a Water Reflection Toggle, not sure if it has any real affect on performance as I think it is just a texture layer, but it's there if you want it.

- Fixed the Low Quality Torches from not being already on by default.

- Removed the Plugin Idea's VR Handicam, as it is flagging this scene as having a non-hub hosted dependency, and therefore making the scene harder to find.

- Made the mirror a 50% taller so you can get a nice portrait look at yourself.

- Changed the Dildo control nodes to COMPLY instead of ON, so that they can both be pushed around, but also help prevent physics issues if left clipping into the level.
Played around a lot with the scene, trying to add in some more immersion and features.

- Added Physical Buttons to control Time-of-day. If you physically push a button, it (SHOULD) change it for everyone. You can still point and click on it from a distance to toggle it for your end.
- Added a Low Quality alternative to the Torch Lights, for added night-time fun but better performance. (Togglable per-user)
- Added a Shadow Strength Bar, which affects the sky and internal lights to improve personal performance. (Torches don't cast shadows anyways)
- Added a little Camera Model so people who are spectating can possess it, to give a point of reference for players to look at.
- Added support for @PluginIdea "Hand-Held Camera" Plugin Downloadable free on their Patreon


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