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How to use
  • Open or create a scene.
  • Create a two new empty atoms
  • On the first empty and go in the plugin tab
  • Add the plugin vamlive_camera.cslist
  • On the second empty atom, go in the plugin tab
  • Add the plugin vamlive_screen.cslist

What is this ?

VAMLive is a plugin that allows you to have one or more camera in your scene, and display the feed of the camera to a screen.

The plugin will allow you to control the size of the texture to render the screen and the appearance of the screen. Pushing further the ability of having several cameras in a scene with a smaller cost on the performances depending on your needs.

Camera options


The most important part is the texture width/height. This where you control how much "costs" ( in terms of performance ) a camera. You can reduce the cost by sizing the texture somewhat close to your ratio.

Screen options


The screen options are mostly cosmetic options.
You can tweak the with of the screen ( only, because it will preserve the ratio ), and you can tweak the ratio manually. But you can also click "Use source camera ratio" to automatically adapt the screen to the camera ratio.

Options below are only for the appearance, it's pretty useless to detail everything since it's really straightforward. That said, keep in mind that using masked screen can help you improve the "perceived" quality of a screen even if the camera is set to a really low resolution.

Performance warning

The plugin perform extremely well with a single screen. The more you add, the higher the cost is. There is no way to improve a realtime render to texture besides reducing its size.

With more cameras, play with the resolution and use masked materials to "fake" a led screen and hide the fact that it is low resolution.

So always consider players when you use it in a scene, not everyone has crazy GPUs and CPUs.
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Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes and features

    Fixed a bug where adding the camera first would prevent selecting it in the screen. Thank you...

Latest reviews

How can I add a second camera? The plugin are mixing screens here, there are something I doing wrong?
I love this! This almost completely replaces the use of mirrors for me! So far no lag. It also has a much better quality image on an extra large scale than other plugins!
But can you add an option to turn off the visibility of the players "VR eyes/headset" when using this in VR? When the player is in front of the camera, they are displayed on the screen. It's annoying and breaks immersion.
This is what I've been waiting for so long!
Thanks Hazm, another great idea and addition!
Works like a charme so far, my Spy Cam dreams came true ;)
<3 thanks Saint!
Works great! Thank you so much for your contributions!
But in contrary to the description, you have to set up the screen first, otherwise the camera is not recognized. So if you only have the option "None", reload the camera.
Duely noted, I'll check it out!
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