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Have you ever wished to experience some VAM scenes as if you were into a movie theater? Well, your wish is about to come true!

What is it?
This package allows you to turn any scene into a movie theater experience.
With some augmented reality UI, so you're in control! It's your own movie theater, after all ;)

You can toggle the UI at any time if you want to focus on the movie (the toggle button is located on your left armrest).
There is also a reset button on the back of the seat in front of you.

It includes a SubScene that you can add to any scene and a ready-to-go simple demo scene.


You can take a look at it with a scene having some more interactive options.




How to use
To see how it looks:

Just open the demo scene!

To turn your scene into a movie to watch in you own movie theater:
  1. Open the scene of your choice
  2. Add a SubScene atom
  3. Move the SubScene atom well above your scene (Y=12.5 if you want the camera to directly be set up at a correct position)
  4. Load the "Cinema" SubScene (in the "SubScene" tab of the SubScene atom, click on the "Load Existing..." button and then browse to this package)
  5. [Optional] Adjust the scene to the movie experience: adjust the different camera position & cinematic ride by editing the Timeline on the camera atom ("Cinema/Asset-Camera", Plugin tab); move up any scene button into the movie theater above and parent it to the "Cinema/1-UIToggleControl" atom (which will display them along with the UI).
  6. Enjoy!

Note that the video quality will always be lower than directly looking at the scene. You could tweak the scene lighting to make it a bit better.

Demo videos:
How to add the cinema asset into an existing scene:
How to position the camera (do that for the 4 Timeline animations):
How to go & see the result (or just save your scene and reload it):

Dependencies & thanks
Many thanks to Romolas, Damarmau & Sapusex for sharing those assets! Most of the work was done by them ;)
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