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A custom street environment, day and rainy night... what could happen in here ?


How to use
  • Open the day or night scene and start creating.
  • Create a new scene.
  • Add several CUAs and load the different assets from the package.


Both scenes comes up with a basic grinding animation of two characters showing a basic pose in the car.


The flashlight is meant to be used with a pixel light parented to it. The night version shows the setup. You also need to add the script hzmcuacollisions.cs contained in the package on the CUA with the flashlight to improve collision and avoid it to pass through objects.


Two skyboxes are included with the package. They are meant to be used on a CUA with MacGruber's Skyloader. Both version day and night contain the setup if you don't know how to do it.


The CUA containing the environment can have hzmstreet.cs loaded on it (not mandatory). This will allow you to change the position of the car.

The whole map is thought to avoid loss of immersion (empty areas), but the backside of the street is open. Here is the recommend area to avoid immersion breaking situations.



All 3D models are from Sketchfab under CC BY 4.0 including content from : Steve Morrison, rickymovement, Orzechu, DmitriyGDS, CurvePointStudios, Mistiriodi, Thunder, NotAnotherApocalypticCo., Nikitos & 3130, Ervinas, s3o2n, kipsville, Brandon Baldwin, rendorshen, I am Cassia, Den, CrazyScans, Pert Doherty, MrUnity, PT34.
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Latest updates

  1. NGSS2 Update

    Updated the enviro with NGSS2 shadows. Thank you ( a frikkin' lot ) to @FCG who dropped by and...
  2. New customization options for the script

    As VamTastic requested : added two options to disable the distant buildings and the bridge...

Latest reviews

Very well done
great location, very low fps hit too.
Great work thanks for providing invaluable basics to the community.
Incredible Work. Thanks
wow wow wow please more !
:3 Thank you
As soon as I have a new idea for an enviro I will ! Promise.
great work Hazmhox , think remove the bridge and 4 high rise buildings , as they`re not much noticed in the alleyways ,would help to reduce demand on the PC .
Thank you VamTastic !
This was just to give a bit more depth to the scene.
I'm gonna add an option to disable the distant content in the script so that you can enable and disable it at will if you need perfs : )

That said, I'm not on a huge GPU, and the scene performs at 45 to 50fps in VR, which is pretty normal with VaM (even if I can benefit from occlusion culling).
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