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Sometimes, you have sex on a platform floating in the sky. This is one of those times. Laura wants to be on top cause she wants to see if she can see her house. You want to be on the bottom because you also like the view you get, and Laura is a great fuck.

Laura’s gyrations are created by Auto Thruster by @Vinput, and randomized by Animation Poser by haremlife.

In v3, I have started using ToySerialController 17 by @Yoooi , so try that first. If you like it, add it as a session plugin to use in other scenes as well.

Alternately, the SR6 movement can also be conveyed by T-Code Serial Controller v3 by @Tempest. Just add T-Code Serial Controller v3 to the Session Plugins and check the sliders to make sure the range of motion isn't too limited and that the center positions are correct. Make sure your physics cap is set to 3.

The model I used is Laura V Lookalike by @AnonChunk, but the cool thing is the these plugin targets the penis so that most models will align with the cock and work very well. There are some hub dependencies but not too many. The guy can be possessed using Embody and it works well in this scene, so go ahead and be this dude.

Like my other scenes with Voice Control, you’ll be able to tell the girl to go faster, slower, and stop. When you can't take it anymore, then say “I’m cumming” and she'll fuck your brains out. I added a “tip” mode in v2 that get’s her to just tease the tip.

Voice Control

In order for Voice control to work, you have to make sure that Windows Voice Recognition is active on your computer. When it’s working, you should see text appear in VAM that says what command was recognized. Give it a few tries, but If you don’t see that text, voice control is not active, or your mic is not working.

The scene starts with Laura fully penetrated waiting to start stroking. The cock is usually in her butthole no matter how much I try to make it start in her pussy. Just say “start again” to reposition her to get the dick in her vagina.

Voice Commands

“start again”- START WITH THIS to get her aligned. Resets both characters with a quick animation

“Ride me” – starts her fucking or get’s her back to balls deep fucking from tip teasing

“I love you” speeds her up to a medium pace

"Faster" – speeds her up
"Slower" – slows her down
"I'm close" – New in v3, she stops for 11 seconds, and then starts again slowly to edge you.

“Go slow”- she slows way down, too. Removed in v3
"Stop" – she stops

“tip”- in v3, she starts teasing the tip and doesn’t go balls deep, but she mixes up the strokes more.

"I'm cumming:"- She really gives it to you

“Drain my balls” – Furious fucking ensues

Her right nipple has a trigger to selects transitions to smaller strokes that were designed for tip teasing, but feel great balls deep, too. Her left nipple selects transitions to all the strokes.

Have fun!
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  1. Improved motion, added edging delay command, optimized for ToySerialController 17

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  2. Smoother transitions, tip tease mode, start again reset, and a big mirror to watch the action

    I made the transitions smoother between her moves, and I added a "tip" mode that is really hot...
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