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AutoThruster | AutoGensThruster

Plugins AutoThruster | AutoGensThruster

This is a new and more generic version of my other plugin, SexThruster (https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/sexthruster-v1.9752/), which was based on SexHelper by physis.

This package contains two plugins:

enables you to easily apply a back-and-forth motion to any controller on an atom, with multiple easing options and ability to control timing, distance, and rotations. It is intended to be more convenient to set up than simple Animation Patterns and more flexible and controllable than CycleForces.

AutoGensThruster thrusts a male's penis at the vagina, mouth, or anus of a target atom, with optional auto-alignment of the penis to the target. It is a replacement for my previous plugin,

See below for basic instructions. Settings are explained in the UI for each plugin.


Basic usage:
  1. Add AutoThruster.cslist to an atom.
  2. Select the control you want to thrust using the plugin's drop-down list.
  3. Position the control and rotate it so that an axis is pointing along the direction of your desired thrust movement.
  4. Select the desired axis in the plugin's drop-down list.
  5. Toggle on "Activate" to start the thrust. To thrust in the negative axis direction, change the "distance" to a negative value.
  6. Tweak the options. Option descriptions are in the plugin's UI.

  • Thrust along any controller axis
  • Easily control distance, speed, and relative speed of forward/backward thrust
  • Optional randomization of thrust speed
  • Multiple easing functions and separate easings for forward/backward motions
  • Apply rotations on any axis to start and end of thrust motion
  • Offset rotation timing for more complex and interesting motions
Video previews:

Basic adjustment of distance and duration

Rotation adjustment and time offset

Editing motion with AutoGensThruster alignment on male


Basic usage:
  1. Add AutoGensThruster.cslist to an atom with a penis.
  2. Select a target atom from the drop-down list and the desired target (Anus, Mouth, or Vagina).
  3. Position the control reasonably close to the target orifice.
  4. Toggle on "Activate" to start the thrust.
  5. Tweak the options. Option descriptions are in the plugin's UI.
  • Adjust thrust motion down/up/left/right relative to the target to fine-tune the motion
  • Optional auto-alignment of penis rotation
  • Easily control distance, speed, and relative speed of forward/backward thrust
  • Optional randomization of thrust speed
  • Multiple easing functions and separate easings for forward/backward motions
(Added Feb 5 2022) Notes and Tips:

The plugin animates the penis control, but the penis may not follow the control exactly due to other physics forces. If it seems to be thrusting in the wrong location, try the following:
  1. Enable control visibility (default "T") to see if the penis is actually following the position of the penisBaseControl.
  2. If it is, use the "Target Adj." settings in the plugin UI to adjust the thrust location.
  3. It it isn't, try one or more of the following:
    • Move the hipControl, chestControl, headControl, or other controls to allow the penis to follow the penisBaseControl more accurately.
    • Adjust the physics settings on the hipControl (and pelvisControl if enabled) by reducing Hold Position Spring and Hold Rotation Spring, or disable completely by setting it to "Off."
    • Enable the plugin's "Lock Penis Control" feature. To reduce the chances of a physics explosion, set "Distance In" to a negative value first, activate "Lock Penis Control," then increase "Distance In" slowly until you get the results you want.

Please describe any bugs or issues in the Discussion section.

Please leave a rating/review if you find these plugins useful!
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Latest reviews

Excellent plugin, it helps a lot in creating animations, sometimes I even cheat and record the thrust in the timeline and it doesn't look robotic thanks to the random actions.
Upvote 0
As a creator that doesn't really have a full body tracking setup, and doesn't really have the patience to deal with TimeLine for everything, this is THE plugin of choice! Thanks so much for this!
Upvote 0
Fantastic, seamless, convenient.
Though I beg you consider adding Bezier function to the Ease In and Ease out. I've spent countless minutes, maybe hours trying to understand how to make the animation smoother. With current functions it looks like robots from TF2 trying to copulate.
Upvote 0
Works wonders with VAM's builtin Dildo atom.
Upvote 0
This is the most excellent autothruster pluging out there... I tried everything else, this is the very best.
Upvote 0
Works great
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Your plugin is the easiest and most reliable utility. great stuff!
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I'm trying to understand how i survived without this plugin.
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MeshedVR are you reading? Get Vinput on Virt-a-mate 2.0 team !
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Love, love, love this plug-in. Thanks a ton!
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