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Plugins AutoThruster | AutoGensThruster 0.16

  • Cycle Duration's internal minimum value constrained to 0.1 second to prevent game errors/explosions if it is accidentally set below that value.
  • AutoGensThruster, AutoThruster: Added "Distance Random %" that enables randomizing thrust distance each cycle.
  • AutoThruster: Added "Distance Start" parameter setting, which works similarly to Distance In and Distance Out in AutoGensThruster. This enables adjusting the thrust distance from either the start or the end of the thrust, instead of only from the start.
Demo of Distance Start and Distance End:
  • AutoThruster: Added Time Offset setting. Fixed bug with thrust enable/disable.
  • AutoThruster, AutoGensThruster: Added the ability to modify the thrust direction from the UI. These features may need further testing, so please share any problems you encounter.
  • AutoThruster: Fixed parent control rotation bug.
  • AutoThruster: New experimental feature: Specify a scene control as a parent to the thrust origin
  • AutoThruster: Added option to randomize thrust distance.
  • Removed AutoGensAligner. Please use AutoGensThruster with thrust disabled instead.
  • AutoThruster rotation now uses quaternion instead of Euler interpolation. This should result in more predictable behavior when rotations are enabled.
  • AutoGensThruster: Added option to enable/disable thrust. This effectively makes AutoGensAligner obsolete.
  • AutoGensThruster: Added an option to lock the penis control. See the UI documentation for details.
  • AutoGensThruster, AutoGensAligner: Some tweaks to the alignment algorithm to better follow adjustments and make rotations smoother
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