1. vertigoeighty

    Scenes TryOnMaster 1.7b

    A One Stop Template Showcase that makes use of several fantastic tools, assets, animations and plugins from the VAM community. With this scene, you have the freedom to randomly mix and match your own collection of clothing/hair/pose/appearance presets (ky1001's PresetLoader plugin scans for...
  2. V

    Plugins AutoThruster | AutoGensThruster 0.16

    This is a new and more generic version of my other plugin, SexThruster (, which was based on SexHelper by physis. This package contains two plugins: AutoThruster enables you to easily apply a back-and-forth motion to any controller on an...
  3. vamX

    Scenes vamX - Thrust & Pose Free 1

    150 poses and many thrust options, usable in only 3 environments (creators can make their own environments, see below). Load any female look. Includes facial expressions, speech, moans, and stimulation to orgasm. This is a very customizable Scene, not a Plugin. Watch on Slushe (HQ) Get vamX...
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