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This a rewrite of SexHelper by physis that fixes a number of bugs and adds some new features while removing others. The original plugin was used as a starting point (with permission), but much of the underlying functionality has been rewritten.


Modifications include the following:
  • Fixed bug that prevented settings from being restored when a scene is reloaded
  • All properties can be set by triggers
  • Separate easing functions for "In" and "Out" motions
  • Can set "In" and "Out" motions to unequal speeds
  • Various other internal fixes/changes that may improve stability and performance

How to use:
  1. Add the plugin to any atom in the scene
  2. Select a Male and Female atom from the dropdowns.
  3. Enable at least one of the actions: Penis Alignment, Male Thrust, Female Thrust. Enabling both Thrust options is not recommended, but may work in some cases.
  4. Turn on the Active toggle.
  5. Adjust settings to get your desired results.
This is an early version. There will probably be bugs. Please report them so I can try to fix them.

Thanks to physis for the SexHelper plugin and permission to post this, AcidBubbles for his plugin template, MacGruber for general assistance
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Is there a way to target mouth?
Not at the moment
I agree with the others here; this is a major improvement to the old "SexAssist" plugin series.

I think this is now an essential plug-in for custom sex scenes designed for interactivity, and it's an absolutely wonderful pairing with hazmhox's "VaMMoan" plugin (set to "Interactive").

Thank you Vinput!
Vastly improves over the original plugin, working in many more orientations than the original.
Can you please make it so the on/off toggle can be assigned to a button trigger in a scene. If that exists in the original I could not find it in the assignable functions. Thanks!
It does that already
Thanks mate !
This plugin is great! Builds on and surpasses the original, imo
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