Sky Cow Girl

Scenes Sky Cow Girl 3

I refined the strokes and the way the randomize so that the changes are less abrupt. I optimized this version for use with ToySerialController. The command "I'm close" now stops her for 11 seconds so you can edge.
I made the transitions smoother between her moves, and I added a "tip" mode that is really hot. I also added a voice command, "I love you" which will set her speed to a medium speed. I put a mirror behind her so that you can get a great view of the action, too.
If you touch her right nipple, you'll limit her moves to very small strokes that are mostly gyrations. These were intended for the "tip" mode but I think there's a bug with Voice Control or State Machine that prevents the selection of these moves, so I added the trigger, but I found they are pretty great moves all around. It's a good way to edge because you can tell her to "go slow" but also touch her nipple and she'll just slowly grind on you. It's heaven if you have a ZXY onahole or something similar with some uterus feature that will tease the tip while you're balls deep.
To get her going again with the full range of moves just say "ride me" again.
Finally, I made a "start again" reset animation that will get everything aligned again.
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