1. StyleMavin

    Paid Scenes SciFi BJ 3

    This is a BJ scene with voice controls, buttons, and sliders. The “please me” mode feels so real, it's insane. This version has lots of movement variation to enjoy so no two blowjobs will be the same. I added a long (currently 20 minute) escalating excitment cycle to build up to a ball draining...
  2. SciFi_BJ_Full_Version_WIP.jpg


    I'm working on a big update.
  3. StyleMavin

    Scenes MFP_BusDriver_Seated_BJ 1

    This scene is designed to be used with BusDriver to drive the model's movements from funscrtipts playing on MultiFunPlayer. The Timeline animation is for positioning the model if she gets moved, or you can let it play for a simple, endless stroking loop. To use the scene, you need to get...
  4. StyleMavin

    Scenes SciFi BJ Free 6

    This is a BJ scene with voice controls, buttons, and sliders. The new addition in v5 is the “please me” mode which feels so real. This free version has enough movement variation to have a wonderful time, but the paid version greatly expands the variety of moves. The voice...
  5. Laura wants you.jpg

    Laura wants you.jpg

    She's ready to suck when you tell her you love her. She'll edge you when you tell her your close. She'll finish you hard when you tell her to drain your balls. Sensual indulgence awaits.
  6. StyleMavin

    Paid Scenes Blow Me Suck Me with Twist and Roll 5 This scene is optimized for an SR6 using an oral onahole in VR, and that combination will make you shake, and it may even make you cum twice in a session. It has a bunch of...

    Scenes [C&G-STUDIO] "Simple BJ" [Concept Scene for the OSR / SR6] 2022-10-19

    As a fan of genus ideas and simply innovative people here around it was clear I NEED to create a simple scene to honor his work ( @Tempest ) in blurring the lines between us humans, robots and the VR space. Although you can enjoy this scene pretty good without any stroker robot I want to...
  8. Stroker Robot Demo

    Stroker Robot Demo

    A visual demo of several of my machine designs synced to Virt-a-Mate.
  9. StyleMavin

    Scenes Sky Cow Girl 3

    Sometimes, you have sex on a platform floating in the sky. This is one of those times. Laura wants to be on top cause she wants to see if she can see her house. You want to be on the bottom because you also like the view you get, and Laura is a great fuck. Laura’s gyrations are created by...
  10. StyleMavin

    Scenes Blow Me Suck Me 11

    Julian is having a good day. Today, Julian is getting a blowjob while he watches his favorite shows. Be Julian for a while. You'll like it. This scene is optimized for an SR6 using an oral onahole in VR, and that combination will make you shake. It has a bunch of voice commands that...
  11. StyleMavin

    Scenes BJ Fantasy 5

    This is my first scene and I've done my best, so if you don't like it, I'll cry slap myself with a Fleshlight. But you will like it, so were good. I based this on Vihper's fantastic Blow It scene, and I used Damarmau's gorgeous Linn model, but I changed a lot on both. There are a lot of...
  12. Tempest

    Paid Plugins T-Code Serial Controller v3 Version 3.0

    This plugin automatically tracks character movement in the scene and outputs T-Code commands to drive a multi-axis stroker robot (MAxSR) to a selected serial port. This is the third generation version of this plugin, v3.0, with support for 3 movement axes and 2 rotation axes (pitch, roll). More...
  13. Thrusty bit

    Thrusty bit

    The SR6 can make forward-back movements, as well thrusting up and down.
  14. Wiggly bit

    Wiggly bit

    The SR6 can make sideways movements, as well as pitch and roll.
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