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UPDATE: The plugin is currently in version 3.2. It is a beta version, for people who are curious to take a look at what is about to come. Most features are there. However, expect to find bugs. Either version 3.3 or 3.4 is going to be the first "stable" release, actually usable for creating large animations. After the huge efforts on the latest versions, it is refreshing that the only thing remaining is bug fixing and small features. I'll resume development in a few weeks, fixing the remaining issues and creating the first demo scene. The major features were implemented and the plugin is already very powerful, but it has issues when creating lots of animations. It is already pretty much usable for creating one animation with multiple layers.

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Virt a mate has surprised a lot of people with it's sandbox capability for realistic characters and scenes. With the proper lighting and setup, some models look amazing. The physics, clothing and hair engine, the in-built standardized rig, the morphs, the multiple plugins, facility to switch looks, etc, have provided a great customizable experience.

What virt a mate has always lacked in terms of realism and ease, however, is animation. I could go on for a long time describing the issues of the built in animation system and of the solutions provided by the community. The ultimate statement to the fact that animation is currently too hard to make, however, can be seen in the scenes available in the hub. Animation is always a small loop, with little variability or surprise. It is extremely time consuming to make convincing animations for even two characters, let alone multiple-character scenes. If you have ever tried to make interesting animations with 7 characters in a scene or so, you will have noticed how many difficulties the current animation plugins present.

Some things are lacking for the ultimate animation plugin: scalability, modularity, re-usability.

In terms of design principles, perhaps vam timeline is the ultimate plugin for rigid keyframe animation. If you absolutely need every single controller and morph to be in a precise specific place, in a precise specific time, then vam timeline is probably the best plugin out there.

However, when making virt a mate scenes, that's usually not what you want. You usually want to think more high level. "I want this person to kiss this person. Then I want this person to kiss that person. And then I want this person and that person to walk to the bed. And then I want them to do this and this and this". In other words, you would like to care about who is kissing whom, who is doing what to what person, not to be caring about specific controller positions in every moment in every scene.

Besides, you usually don't want to have to define every single frame of every single morph. Imagine that you want to animate two people kissing. Do you want to define every position of every controller and every morph of every frame for the next 50 keyframes only to have a 10 second animation to look at, where everything goes exactly as you set up and you have then 0 surprise?

Or do you want to just take half a minute positioning the heads of the two+ people, load a pre-defined kissing animation and see the magic happen?

That's exactly what this plugin allows you. Create small animation pieces, share them with the community, load them, build bigger animations from lots of smaller ones, reposition them, and see the magic happen. You can have either deterministic or random animations, allowing for an almost generative animation experience; however you can always tweak the animations to the teeth if you want to. In other words, you can either quickly setup a multi-person animation with almost zero effort and just enjoy it, or you can tweak it to perfection!

I asked myself, what would you need to make, say, a 2 hour long film with the least effort, using one single plugin instance? What would this plugin need in order for that to be possible? And how could you reuse your work, never having to start from scratch ever again? Build a library of animation pieces, share them with the community, use them across multiple person atoms in the same scene, build something thinking high level and not controller by controller, frame by frame.

In terms of code, this plugin is a simple fork of MacGruber's IdlePoser. He should have the majority of the credit, since he did all the difficult parts. I just redesigned and repurposed the plugin, adding the possibility of multiple animations, multiple layers and relative anchors. I'll explain that in detail bellow. However, if you are already familiar or if you read any tutorial on IdlePoser, then you should be able to already download and use AnimationPoser without hassle, finding out for yourself what is it capable of.


Although the changes are simple, they exponentially explode the amount of stuff you can do with the plugin, and the ease of doing complex animations with minimal effort.

The plugin allows for multiple animations. Each animation is like an entire new instance of the plugin. You can use triggers to switch between the animations.

Each animation has multiple layers. Like in vam timeline, each layer can be assigned a different set of controllers. This is extremely powerful, since then, below each layer, you can have an entire IdlePoser plugin, with all the layers running in parallel.

Like in IdlePoser, when you have an animation and a layer with assigned controllers, then you have a set of states. Each state defines a position for each of the controllers in that layer, and the states can randomly or deterministically transition into each other. The transitions can be either unidirectional or bidirectional. This alone makes it possible to have an entire Markov Chain running independently for each set of controllers. You can have state groups composed of multiple states that transition into each other, and then a small probability of transitioning to another state group. This is very interesting for realistic animation, especially when animating sexual interactions. But it is not only realistic, it is surprising, because of the randomness. If you have multiple animations, each one with multiple layers for different controllers, and each layer has multiple state groups, each state group with multiple states, you'll be able to spent hours watching without it ever getting boring, because things are going to be always changing. I've done that for multi-character scenes and the result is astounding.

Better yet, you can reuse those huge blocks, and you can always be improving on the blocks you have, and sharing them with the community. For example, "kissing" could be a set of animations, comprised of some layers (mostly head, face expression and mouth/tongue, but also hands for make out). You can be constantly adding different variations of kissing, and the character will then randomly transition between those variations. By working together with the community and building upon your previous work, you can in the end have robust kissing animations with hundreds of variations. And you can save and load them in a whim!

Not only can you load the animations, but you can reposition them. With the new "relative" anchor mode, the positions of each controller across all the states of a layer can be modified by simply modifying the position of the controller in the first state.

So say I'm setting up a new scene. I already have a library of kissing animations saved. I bring the characters close together, load the kissing animation, position their heads, and that's it! Same goes with sex, blowjob, etc. Animations can be incredibly complex and nuanced, no more spring-like back and forth, and you can then tweak them to your liking.

If you have multiple characters doing similar stuff, that is a bliss, because you can animate one, save, and load the animation in other characters, with proper repositioning.

If you ever used IdlePoser, you know how much more fluid and simple it is to animate. You can make the character transition between a lot of standing poses. Then you load that preset into other characters and you have something beautiful to look at.

Now I brought that concept into limitless types of animation.

And if you ever need precise keyframe in a specific situation, just load Vam Timeline and sync it with triggers! Both plugins can definitely work together for the most perfect results.

I really hope to catch the attention of the community and plugin developers. This is not my plugin. It's a gift to the community. There is so much stuff that can be added to it, to make it perhaps the most powerful humanoid animation plugin in existence, not only in virt-a-mate. My contribution is to try to solve my own difficulties with animation by putting existent animation paradigms upside down and creating a new framework. I hugely encourage plugin developers to fork it in github ( and adapt it to anything you want it to be! And I hugely encourage the creator community to start sharing animation layers, so that maybe soon we have a section in the hub just for reusable animation pieces.

There is a lot more I can say, both in terms of what is currently possible and what can improve and become possible. But for now that's it. Just download and try it out, find out what you can accomplish with it!
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