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Plugin Clothing Test Sunglasses

Clothing Plugin Clothing Test Sunglasses 3

A test pair of sunglasses that have been repackaged to use the StaticClothing plugin.

Meant only do serve as a demo for the guide:

Original import by @mopedlampe available here:

  1. Put glasses on the model.
  2. Open the customize screen for the glasses.
  3. Navigate to the "Plugins" tab
    1. If there is no plugins tab, or if the plugins tab is empty, try Force Reload on the item.
  4. Position the glasses using the plugin UI for StaticClothing.
  • Screenshot 2023-08-06 153504.png
    Screenshot 2023-08-06 153504.png
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  1. Updated to use latest plugins

    Uses latest version of ClothingPluginManager and StaticClothing Now sets the rotation offset and...

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really cool idea. thank you, I would like to see one for male atoms too.
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