Glasses as clothing items ( female + male)

Clothing Glasses as clothing items ( female + male) 2

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Wearable glasses

After possessed 4-armed dolls and killer robots you now get... glasses. Yeah, I know... I know... Kind of a bummer right? Just boring "regular human stuff"

after download, you will find 19 glasses and 1 glasses chain in your female and male clothing section.



I basically raided the sketchfab free download section and tried to port a well rounded bundle of different glasses styles as wearable clothing items.
It is a bit tricky with the vam import and not 100% working all the time, but the result should be good enough to share.

You can adjust all the colors as you like, most of the glasses are separated to different materials so you can customize everything the way you want to!
Depending on your scene lighting, you may achieve better results if you turn down the spec settings of the glass parts if it appears as too reflective in your lighting setup. Just try what looks best...


credit: Image and Model by @KDollMASTA

Since it is a clothing item, there needs to be a reference to the figures skin. I connected the glasses to a single spot of the upper gums so that none of the facial expressions and the blinking etc have a effect on the items.
But the more extreme your custom morph or look affects this area of the inner mouth, the more the glasses may move away from the initial position, but it should not deform too much...
So if you put the glasses on your favourite model and it does not look centered, you can adjust the position of the glasses with some custom morphs that i made for it.
You can shift the glasses to the left or right, front or back and rotate it.
As a bonus, you also get a morph to slide the glasses down the nose and one to put it on top of the head!

You can find these morphs under the Female morphs section. Just search for "glasses"


Here is a example for the default placement:
1652211743 Kopie.jpg

glasses morph down

glasses morph up

Have fun, equip your secretarys and librarians with their proper eyewear, and always remember it is highly experimental (as usual with my stuff) so it may not work all the time.
If you encounter any major issues, please contact me and i will try to fix it.

Futa and Male models are now supported too, and i also added a glasses chain as a standalone item to the collection that fits most of the glasses so you can equip it individually to the glasses you like. I'm not really good at the whole sim stuff but i tried my best xD

If you enable the "Use female morphs on male models" checkbox in the male morphs section, you can still use the same (female) morphs to adjust or move the glasses for the male or futa models.

1652387301 Kopie.jpg

1652387370 Kopie.jpg

Here is a overview of what i have to offer.
The most important one is without a doubt the last one, the rest is just bonus material...


Maybe I will extend the number in the future or maybe not, who knows 😅

The models i used for the presentation are models from @Juno and @DasBoot with some changes, please check out their work!
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