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Mr. Sandman bring me a dream!


It was a long time coming, but I'm finally finished with this scene.


I built it using my custom Tiff look, and a simple room that I threw together in Blender/Unity specifically for its window seat view.


The inspiration for the scene came from a video I saw a long while back, that took me a while to track down.


The scene itself was challenging to animate. With so many position changes and no access to motion capture, getting the movements to feel natural was tricky. It isn’t perfect, but it’s about as much as I can do by hand with Timeline, a keyboard, and a mouse.


There aren't any surprises here, if you're familiar with most of my work. It's an intimate scene, set to the beat of some good music and with an emphasis on lighting, sound, and emotion.


I've added a cam-ride animation again, like I did with Last Goodbye.


There's also a POV view from Attom (the male) that can be activated using the backquote (`) key.


Because of how close the two people get, there are spots where that POV view isn't ideal, but it overall works great.


As for VR, since I don't have it, I can't vouch for how well it works/runs. @Virtyourmate has graciously offered to review it and offer tips for optimization, so there may be an updated version coming soon that will help with VR performance, should it be an issue.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy! If you spot bugs or problems, drop me a line or join the resource discussion so I can investigate.


LOTS of plugins here, since there’s a lot going on. If you spot anyone that I've missed, please let me know. I want to be sure to credit everyone! A big thanks as always to ALL of the content creators who make these scenes possible. Scene creation is difficult work, but it becomes IMPOSSIBLE work without the contributions of the plugin and content creators below! Download their content, and hit them up on Patreon if you can!

Morphs, Meshes, Environment bits and Clothing:
  • HuntingSuccubus’ Enhanced Eyes – This is standard on pretty much everything I create!
  • Skippy’s CumClothing – There are other very good competing cum clothing and textures out there. Few are this awesome and also free.
  • NoStage3’s Hair – Some of the oldest hair made is still some of the best hair out there.
  • Kemenate’s Beards – See above. If the beards aren’t broke, don’t fix them.
  • WeebU’s Cum Cloth – Like Skippy’s cum clothing, awesome and free, the two work great together.
  • Romolas's Skyboxes – Bored with the built-in skyboxes? Mix it up with these bad boys!
  • Spacedog’s Wetbits – There are a number of good textures that makes things look wet. This is my personal favorite.
  • The music is a cover of Mr. Sandman by SYML.
  • Hazmhox for Vammoan and Fluids – Both have become my new go-tos for audio mouth animation and fluid particles. Great stuff!
  • LFE’s Soundtrack Sync – Still nothing like it if you need to sync some music with your animation.
  • MacGruber for PostMagic and Life – PostMagic remains the best way to give scenes the camera effects that make it look like you're watching a movie, and Life still underpins the best breathing animation out there.
  • NoStage3’s UnityAssetVamifier – I don’t always need it, but when I do, there’s nothing else that does the job. I made the room in Blender and ported it from Unity, specifically for this scene. This plugin fixed the lighting like a champ.
  • ToumeiHitsuji’s DiviningRod – A fairly new plugin, but it’s probably the best penis alignment I’ve seen.
  • AcidBubbles for Timeline, ColliderEditor, SpawnPoint, and Embody – Seriously, could I just get a pack that has ALL of your plugins already? While all of the above plugins make our scenes great, some of the fundamentals just aren’t possible without these plugins. AcidBubbles’ dedication to the craft, and the rapid response to fixing even tiny problems is a model for everyone to follow.

Running this scene is pretty straight-forward. You can start the scene with the camera ride, or without using the appropriate buttons. Both automatically hide the menu. Uncheck the box to display the menu again. You can escape out of the camera ride by hitting the Escape key or the Right Ctrl key. The "Hide Menu" checkbox will likely be blurry if you exit the camera ride, since Depth of Field will still be enabled. Unchecking that box should display the menu and disable Depth of Field.

Pause and Resume do exactly what they say they do, Stop / Reset will stop all animation, sound, etc, run the reposition animation, and send you back to the loading position for the scene. Be sure to wait until the animation completes before starting the animation again, since it turns of collision briefly.

Reposition will run an animation pattern to fix weird collision and clipping issues. Be sure to let this animation pattern finish before starting new animation, as noted with Stop/Reset.

There are checkboxes to enable/disable Music, the Film Grain effect, and Soft Body Physics, the latter can help with framerate issues if you’re seeing slowness when the animations get complex/fast. (Note that you will probably get some minor clipping issues with SoftBody Physics turned off, as the animations were built with it turned on.)

As noted above, you can use the backquote (`) key to enable Embody/Passenger on Attom for first-person POV.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot to mention: This was built at 60Hz Physics Rate, Physics Update Cap of 3, and you'll need 3+ Pixel Light Count for correct lighting. These settings may not be ideal for you. I highly recommend disabling the Soft Body Physics if you're seeing a really low framerate.
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6 stars!
The math seems off here. ;)
greatest ever scene imo :)
Thank you!
Hands down one of the most artistic things I have ever seen done in Vam. Rapturous applause!
I appreciate it! There are plenty of awesome scenes out there that "get the job done." My approach is to try and make things a little more intimate than all that. :)
Beautiful :)
Thank you! Couldn't have done it without Timeline!
Holy fucking hell. This is a friggin' masterpiece on many levels. From animation, to mood, to lighting to...well, all of it. Ridiculously fucking good.
Thank you! This one was probably my most ambitious project (aside from the one I'm working on right now.) I'm glad you dig it!
One of my favorites
Thank you! I hope to have some performance improvements for this one soon! It's going to be one of my next update projects.
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Holy shit!!! If this is not a masterpiece i don't know what is, well done! 🙇
Thank you! It was still my most difficult animation by far. I'm glad it paid off!
Gem!!! 5 stars!!!!
Thank you! I'm glad you dig it!
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