Last Goodbye

Scenes Last Goodbye 2.1

Saying goodbye for the last time. Another intimate scene with an “emotional” ending. This option can be disabled if it isn’t your jam.

VaM 5_24_2021 1_27_11 PM.png

The scene uses a ride-along, animated camera with Acid Bubbles’ Passenger for a more cinematic experience, but you can run the scene animation without it.


I was going for something that feels like slow motion, or being under water.

VaM 5_24_2021 1_30_03 PM.png

I also wanted something intimate. Maybe a bit emotional.

VaM 5_24_2021 1_33_23 PM.png

I feel like I got exactly what I was after!

VaM 5_24_2021 1_34_56 PM.png

Here's a preview clip, I guess judge for yourself.

The scene is built to run at 60Hz with an Physics Update Cap of 3. You will need the Pixel Light Count to be 4 or greater in order for the lighting to work properly. I will likely be releasing the environment as a standalone scene so others can use it.

HUGE thanks to all of the plugin and content creators who provided their skills and time to make a scene like this work. The list of plugins is pretty long for this one, but they're all hub-hosted. If you see someone I missed, please let me know so I can properly thank them/attribute their work!

Atmosphere and control Plugins:

Acid Bubbles for ColliderEditor, Glance, Improved POV, Passenger, SpawnPoint and Timeline.

MacGruber for PostMagic, and advice on how NOT to do camera animation, even if his advice was “Here’s how you’d do it if you want to do it wrong.” Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

ICannotDie for the LUT pack used with PostMagic.

N00rp for the Lighting Rigs.

LFE for the Soundtrack Sync plugin.

Music by Apparat (Goodbye.)

TheScenes for the Sofa.

RandomVAMUser for their dedicated and difficult work in the area of making SimSheets do what you want them to do (even if they don’t!)

Person Atom Plugins and credits:

Damarmau for their amazing Hanna look. I modified her a bit for my personal taste, which is why the license is CC BY-NC-SA.

Alter3go for the body Freckles on Hanna.

DJ for the TanLines on Hanna.

Hunting-Succubus for the Enhanced eyes on Hanna.

Miki for the Frosty Top Hair on Hanna

Roac for the Cailin hairstyle on Hanna

Kemenate for the Unisex Fluid pack to add the tear effect on Hanna, and for the Male Beard on Attom

Spacedog for Wet Bits used on Attom’s gens.
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  1. Minor performance-related update

    Version 2.1 Change: It came to my attention today that the curtains could be a framerate...
  2. Minor Update

    Version 2.0 Change: Just fixing a couple of movements and motions that have always bothered me...

Latest reviews

This might just be the hottest scene ever. bravo!
I appreciate it! Of the animations I've done, it's the one I'm the most proud of getting to "feel" how I wanted it to feel.
There is no one before and no one after. VAM great art
Thank you! There are LOTS before and after though!
I was not expecting that, beautiful but triggered😭
This scene is 25% ambitious, but mostly inexperienced animation from my early attempts, and 75% a really awesome song! :)
Thank you!
Thanks, I appreciate the review!
Work of art!
Thank you!
This scene is what hooked me on this game/community. Vamurai's other scenes are fantastic too. Hope there are many more to come.
That's very kind of you to say, and I'm glad to be part of why you got hooked in this community! There are definitely more to come, I'm actually getting close to wrapping one up. I hope to have it released soon.

Thanks again for your review!
Thank you!
This scene is simply brilliant.

I am a slut for VR. This is the first time I've ever recommended to not watch a scene in VR. At least not the first time. You have to see and appreciate the cinematic effort in 2D. The camera following in VR doesn't work the same and the depth-of-field causes too much (but oddly interesting) blur.

This is in the top tier of my favorite scenes and might be the #1 in my rankings for a scene that is sex-only
Thank you so much! I don't have VR yet, so I can only work with what I have. I consider it high praise when someone who has VR can appreciate these scenes without it. I am working to make more VR-friendly ones moving forward, but I'm happy to keep doing these in the meantime.
Thank you!
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