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Moan Recorder

Plugins Moan Recorder

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Awesome title shot by Juno


Moan Recorder is a set of scene allowing you to record moans and save them as wav files to use them in any other situations. For this first release, only one scene is available, in the future, compatibility will extend to VAMMoan 2 and eventually some new audio features.
The goal of this system is to allow anyone who would want to add moans to linear media (ie: a video, an interactive novel...) using the power of scripting/realtime interaction with the UI and make some personal, customized voice for their own project.

How to Use
If you are new to VAM and discovering the software, this scene has been made specifically to ease your life.


The top three button allow you to control the recording, preview and save of the final wav file.
The three tabs allow you to control the playback, voice options or reverb options of the voice.

The base concept is:
  • Click on "Playback options" to be in "play mode"
  • Click on stop voice to stop everything
  • Then hit "Start recording"
  • Then, start your "performance" by clicking the different playback buttons: Breathing, Kissing, Moan 0 to 4, Perpetual orgasm or Orgasm
  • Click on "Stop recording"
    • you can then, preview the recording
    • and/or save it
The final file is written in Saves\PluginData\vamstory\wavrecorder inside of VAM's folder. If you forget, a popup window will always remind you where the file is saved anyway.

What to do with my wave files?

You can now use them in anything you want. For people with less sound design knowledge I recommend:

  • For people simply interested in converting / cutting the file, using Audacity
  • For people wanting to push the sound design a bit further, maybe trying Reaper which will give you far more possibilities if you want to make big / long sequences or add some effects and more...
As a reminder:
  • Prefer ogg for a compressed (lossy) format: better quality than mp3, allows perfect looping without pops.
  • Prefer wav if size is not a problem and you can't use ogg for perfect looping
  • Use mp3 as a last resort, because it can loop perfectly (you will have to edit the sound and ensure you have a bit of silence at the beginning and end to avoid pops)


Moan Recorder and it's related tools ( VAMMoan, VAMStory ) and the final "baked" audio files is free, forever, under CC-BY-SA licensing.

For VAMMoan 1 (the current available basic scene):
If you have any doubt for a commercial use, all the following characters are either licensed from VAM's audio (which allows you to use it commercially if you have a VAM's license), or commissions made by me or other contributing members of VAM's community :
  • Isabella
  • Claire
  • Grace
  • Abby
  • Skye
  • Lillian
  • Seth

For the remaining 5 characters (Lia, Lise, Ella, Lana, Yumi) I cannot recall all the exact URLs but they are all CC0 from Freesound.

I am extremely careful about licensing, but, if you're afraid that external CC0 content could be a problem for your project, stick to the 7 characters mentioned above, I suspect it might be plenty of content already for what you're looking for.


Any question? any trouble? As usual, hit the discussion board!

Video tutorial/demos

A quick showcase of the original prototype

A short hack of Become A Rockstar. The files have been generated and added to the python script of the game to be synced with the novel.
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