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(LOTR Series) Galadriel - Celeborn - Celebrian (Collab with WhatsUpBrody) + Nenya Ring Asset

Looks (LOTR Series) Galadriel - Celeborn - Celebrian (Collab with WhatsUpBrody) + Nenya Ring Asset 1

Pog's LOTR Series Compendium Here

A Cate inspired version of the character! I have done the younger version so I felt it would make sense to tackle this one! Make sure to keep an eye out on KyussVii's page, as he is going to be releasing a middle-age version soon that is a bit inbetween the 2! Woooo content! :D

For Celeborn, I started off doing a movie version to go with Cate, but I was not able to find a very good face texture to use for him. So this is more "loosely inspired" basically.

And last but definitely not least, their daughter Celebrian, my collab with WhatsUpBrody! Be sure to check out his stuff.

Features Nenya Ring of Power asset by Taigo.

To help with gaining access to more clothing options for male VaM models, I have started to use the wonderful Alt Futa plugin by the talented Stopper. Included in the .var are 2 scenes, one clothed and one nude. I would load the nude one if you are wanting that, vs just removing the clothing from the clothed one.

DISCLAIMER: _______________________________________________________________________

Known Bugs: There are error messages regarding morphs on the Celeborn model, related to the AltFuta plugin by Stopper. I'm not sure what is causing the errors and I have spent hours trying to figure it out. I have tested the model on a fresh VaM install and everything loads fine and correctly despite the errors. If you know the solution to this please shoot me a message so I can fix! Thanks!

Galadriel - Older Showcase Shots:



Nenya Showcase Shot:


Celeborn Showcase Shots:




Celebrian Showcase Shots:




Credits and Dependencies:

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These are all top tier! Thanks for sharing these all with everyone!
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That's an amazing Picture Icon Pog. Was a blast with this one, all of it turned out great. Hope people will enjoy this.
Cheers mate!! Great working with you always!
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