[Unisex] Clothing Pack 01

Clothing [Unisex] Clothing Pack 01 3

Now also converted to Female!
Clothing items:
  • Shirt 01: Muscle shirt with 5 style presets + a "XXL Tits Physics" Preset so it loads correctly on huge tits.
  • Hood 01: Viking " Skjoldehamn" Hood with Cape. Presets for Modular parts only: to attach the Hood to a shirt for example. Or to use only the Cape part without the hood. Comes in a neutral white color so it's easy to colorize with the material settings.
  • Cloak 01 + Fur Collar 01 Hair item: Plus one Preset for ripped cloth. Works well with the Hood 01 + adapter. The default look is a black texture with sexy dirt at the bottom (sorry, it's not so easy to colorize it...). Fur Collar comes with 3 presets that alter the style strongly.
  • Boots from the preview image are not included, it's some random DAZ freebie.
The Clothes have some Simulation to make the Folds work well on Male. That also means that there will be slight clipping (thanks to the male model not having full collision). You'll also probably need to hit the "Reset sim" button after changing a pose. And you can adjust the clipping with Collision Radius under Physics Tab and the sliders in Adjustments Tab. On Female the clothes are set to more Simulation, adjust as needed. This also means they look a tiny bit different on female vs male.

All Presets on male and female:

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