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The weak should fear the strong

So I played around in some older scenes and found this half baked look I made years ago. (Fun fact: in a sense Kelly now predates Sam šŸ¤”) Though back then I used some DAZ textures on it so I had to find some textures I could actually use to publish here. Since then riddler has made so many high quality skins available on here it's ridicuouls, this look would look like nothing if it weren't for the skins, so big thanks to riddler!

For the look I also added some poses, environments and morph'd poses in the looks scene to immediately play around with. Think something like that Mackenzie Showcase I did a while a go, have fun with her!

Riddler - Skin 9

kemenate - Female Body Hair
Oronan - F17
ClockwiseSilver - PaigeHairAndTailHolder
NoStage3 - Hair Long Upswept Top Bun

Hunting Succubus - Eyeball Shadow
Captain Varghoss - Braces
furyconcept - Choker 1

AcidBubbles - ColliderEditor

Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions

MrGiggly - Nose Rings


Pink round sunglasses by assetfactory ( https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/pink-round-sunglasses-e2a0a0c088a64ab185f948f87da9d7e3 )

Additional thanks to VamTimbo for their beautiful idle mocap scene I used for the promo video <3​
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17.55 MB
First release
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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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Creator Support Link
Acid Bubbles Acid Bubbles
Hunting-Succubus Hunting-Succubus
Captain Varghoss Captain Varghoss
YameteOuji YameteOuji
kemenate kemenate
Oronan Oronan
ClockwiseSilver ClockwiseSilver
Jackaroo Jackaroo
Riddler Riddler
MrGiggly MrGiggly
NoStage3 NoStage3

Latest updates

  1. Compliance Update

    Removed Questionable Clothing (Choker) Removed Questionable Texture (Tongue)
  2. Public Release

    The day has come for this little cutie to become free for everyone, stay hydrated!
  3. Automatic Dependency Downloader

    Hands up if you encountered this problem: you download a scene/look not hosted on the Hub. You...

Latest reviews

got it
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Awesomeness!! I wish they were all like this... Great Job!!
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Beautiful stuff. Nice free controls and sliders, great look.
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Best video presentation, awesome work, totally naughty!
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Just started a new wscene with her. Excellent look. Also really liked the settings, buttons to test her look. Thank you so much!!!
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pretty impressive, I wonder how did you get such a performance in the breast movement with the hands, did you use a particular plugin for that? Thanks
Upvote 1
your breast physics always look so good, mine look like bean bags
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I swear, PZ's looks are the only ones on the site that look genuinely alive. Like, I look in their eyes and I swear I can see a soul in there. And that doesn't even cover that smile. HOLY HELL.
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I love the video trailer, Download button press x100
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The trailer quality alone is worth 5 stars! šŸ¤£
Btw PetaZwega how in the hell do you ge the vr hands to look and move so good????
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