Hero Powers 101 v1

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A set of customizable particles dedicated to create hero-like visual effects with CUA (Custom Unity Asset)


Inside the package you will find a single asset to load on a Custom Unity Asset atom and a few scripts.
The particle assets contains different variations of powers that you can use on (or near) a character.

The name of the assets are splitted in 2 informations : type of power, variation number (editable is just a way for the script to now that it is an editable particle system).
Examples :

- power_rings_01 means type of power power_rings, variation 01.
- trails_02 means type of power trails, variation 02.


When you have selected your particle system, you will have by default a white particle system. If the particles are really discreet... this is because you don't have a light close to the particle system.

The way these particle systems are made and the fact that you can edit the color and opacity will require you to have a light source close to the particle system to illuminate them and have the settings working.

It can be influenced by lights and the colors of particles can be affected this way.
But ! You can also add one of the script contained in this package to the Custom Unity Asset in the Plugins tab.
You will have to choose the good script based on the asset you have selected.

For instance : if you have selected power_rings_01, add the script rings_editor. If you have selected power_smoke_01, add the script smoke_editor... and so on. The name of the assets have been chosen carefully to reflect the script you should choose.

Using another script on a particle system can result in a strange behavior of the particle system or have no effect at all.

When adding a script on a CUA, you will have a window like this after clicking on "open custom UI" :


Additional information and tips

  • These are GPU particles. For the title shot, I have 5 CUA with around 10k particles show with almost no framerate difference. Feel free to test the limits. Always check the perfs if you use them for realtime scenes.
  • For creators that like photoshoot / still photography, be aware that I reported a bug about the screenshot feature of VAM here. If you want to get the exact same result as the realtime viewport, you'll need to supersample your desktop resolution as long as the bug exists.
  • Try to experiment with both light color and particle color, you can get really cool results by mixing both settings.
  • These particle systems have been made to go with Hero Poses.
  • I really like the hero theme and the fact that you can go crazy with the particles and special effects... this package will be updated from time to time.

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