1. CheersMate

    Scenes Date with a Super Lady 2

    STORY: Superheros need love too and one particularly horny one takes any chance she gets. You (the naked dude on the throne in the middle of the street) happen to know this and you put yourself out as bait for a chance to score with this super lady. She needed a break from her busy day of...
  2. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Batgirl (full suit) v1

    Hi All! As mentioned in my previous postings, I've been experimenting a lot with texturing to make all these clothing items seem more realistic. It is not perfect, but I am very proud of how this full Batgirl suit turned out, spent way more time on it than I initially thought I would :D Hope...
  3. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Scarlet Witch (Wandavision) Full Suit v1

    Hi All! After a long break from content creating, I am happy to be back again with this particular suit. Thank you all for your patience, I will be posting a lot more actively from now on. In the meantime, enjoy! ------------------------------------ As usual, all parts of the suit are separate...
  4. Virtamouse

    Paid Looks Soe K 2022-03-05

  5. ElementalElf

    Scenes I Wonder... 1.0

    Wonder Woman doggy on a sofa. DEPENDENCES: JoyBoy.Wonder_Look.1 - AcidBubbles.Timeline.222 - TheScenes.Sofa.1 - CREDITS: Hunting...
  6. breadyeddy

    Scenes Supreme Girl vs Bulk (Supergirl and Hulk parody) 1.0

    About Action packed parody scene of Supergirl and Hulk. Collision for the Bulk is turned off during the sexy parts because his thing would not insert no matter what. If you figure it out, let me know. Future plans for this scene include adding voiceover and other audio. Please support me if...
  7. DaveVR

    Paid Scenes Superheroine Bodysuit Clean/Torn (*Paid Clothing) v1

    Hi guys! Enjoy these two variations of the superheroine styled bodysuit. One is clean and zipped up, while the other one is unzipped with dirt textures and several tears, cuts. Feel free to leave any feedback on the work! ^^ All support is very much appreciated!
  8. BlenderB_Rodriguez

    Looks Girl-Spider 2021-05-18

    A retexture of the VAM ultra catsuit. Includes a few different colors and patterns options.
  9. AmineKunai

    Paid Clothing Super Girl Pack - 6 Items 2021-04-30

    And now here it is! Super Girl Pack with 6 items: Top, Bra, Cape, Skirt, Panties, and Boots. All items fit any body type, just change "Distance Scale" or "Collision Power" settings. Feel free to save your day with superpowers!
  10. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Power Girl Full Outfit v1

    Hey Guys! Enjoy the full Power Girl outfit I've made in my spare time! Took me quite a while to get this one right, so please support my work if you like it. Also any tips or comments are more than welcome 😊 The belts are a bit distorted due to VAM import limitations, sorry for that in...
  11. DaveVR

    Clothing Ms. Marvel Mask v1

    Hey Guys! By request, I've also made a Ms. Marvel mask for my mask pack. This one's open to everyone, so enjoy! 😊 Check out my Patreon for other cool stuff.
  12. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Superheroine Masks v1

    Hey! Just wanted to share a few superheroine masks I've made in my spare time during the weekdays. Hope you guys enjoy it! 😊 ------------------------------------------ Patreon: Download:
  13. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Totally Spies Suits (all three) v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy all three Totally Spies suits coming to your VAM models. The package only contains the three variations of suits, hairstyle and model not included! I worked really hard on this, and I am quite proud of the final results. I could not figure out how to make the heels of the high...
  14. DaveVR

    Paid Clothing Supergirl Outfit v1

    Hey Guys! Please enjoy the Supergirl Outfit I made during the Easter break. It took me enormous efforts to make this work and lots and lots of time, since I recently started with Marvelous Designer and importing is no easy task. I know it is still a bit rough with many flaws, but I am proud...
  15. Zombie_Siris

    Paid Early-Access Looks Marvelous Sidekicks Multi-Look Pack 1

    Screenshots Album: As promised, here is the "Marvelous Sidekicks" Multi-Look Pack (5 Looks!) This will be a Top Patrons Timed-Exclusive. It will release for Zombie Horde Patrons on April 9th, 2021. It will go public on May 2nd, 2021. Credits are included in the Mega Link and are as follows...
  16. DaveVR

    Clothing Fantastic Four - Sue Storm Outfit v1

    Hi Guys! Enjoy the ported Sue Storm outfit for VAM available to the public! As usual, just copy the VAR files to your AddonPackages folder to use in VAM. Note that the high heels are not fixed, when posing your model, you will need to set up the toes manually.
  17. Zombie_Siris

    Paid Early-Access Looks Windy Barry 1

    "Windy Barry" by Zombie_Siris Album: Credits: Eyes: Eyeball Shadow and Reflection by HuntingSuccubus Link: Clothes: All MeshedVR Built-in Hair: Long Side 7 by NoStage3 Link:
  18. BlenderB_Rodriguez

    Looks Spider Lady 2021-01-28

    A retex of the in-game catsuit + custom look
  19. hazmhox

    Assets Hero Powers 101 v1 2

    A set of customizable particles dedicated to create hero-like visual effects with CUA (Custom Unity Asset) Inside the package you will find a single asset to load on a Custom Unity Asset atom and a few scripts. The particle assets contains different variations of powers that you can use on...
  20. hazmhox

    Other Hero Poses 2

    A library to reveal the inner hero of your favorite look This package contains (for the first release), 12 different dynamic poses that a super hero(ine) would definitely do. This pose pack is going to be updated from time to time, because well... I love doing this kind of poses. The poses...
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