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  • - Commissions are Open -
    Feel free to DM me with queries and I will get back to you.

    What can I port?

    Pretty much any 3D model that can be posed will be doable.
    If you're unsure, just send me a DM and i'll let you know if it's something I can do.

    How much does it cost?
    Commission pricing varies depending on a few factors, including:
    - Model Difficulty (Human, Anime, Anthromorph)
    - Body Mesh
    - Outfits
    - Public / Private release

    Public or Private?
    Commissions can be private, however this affects the commission cost.

    How long does it take?
    I aim to complete and send you the model within 1-2 Days from the point I start working on it.

    How do I contact you?
    Discord is best, feel free to send me a PM @OniEkohvius#5805 or just OniEkohvius
    I’m happy to answer any queries you might have!
    I saw in your single shot album you made a port of s7 animated ahsoka. Are you planning to release that, or at least the CUA montrals/headdress?
    how do private characters work? even if someone else offered to pay for the character again will you not do it? is it first come first serve whoever pays first gets to "own" that character forever?
    Hey, i love your work! I was wondering if Chica is ever getting another chance? Anyways splendid work!
    Hi @Tissebleier, thanks - glad you like it :)

    You might be the same person I responded to on Discord but just in case you're not - No plans to, i'm afraid. Someone would have to nominate it for a future poll as I don't choose the models myself.
    Not to be "that guy" but was that Asuka collage an actual look you created back then or was it just a render that you or someone else made? Looks clean as hell. Doesn't help that there are basically zero looks of Asuka.
    That was a very old port. It was an actual VAM model but it was based off of a 3d print file so it was an unrigged / pre-posed model - So the hair etc was stuck in that windswept position from the screenshot. There also weren't any textures to port over other than the face. It wasn't suitable for release i'm afraid.
    ah, I get it. Looked great though, if you ever decide to create your own (with or without that model) I'll probably checkout your patreon for it.
    Have you considered making the role of Queen's Blade like Menace?If so,I would be very grateful.
    That would be hot, or Melona omg...
    how to import CUA into other VAM scenes?

    it's possible?
    Sally Whitemane
    Sally Whitemane
    Since you probably want to load it with a character - CUAManager can be used to setup up triggers to load a CUA with a specific character Morph. Use it as session Plugin.
    It's a bit overwhelming at first, but worth the time to go though the instructions. It will save you time later when you can for example automatically load some CUA hair with a character appearance.
    I've noticed the ones with CUA hair can't really be used for gts stuff as the hair doesnt actually scale with the body, do you have any ideas to fix this?
    On a semi-related note, i'm surprised i have yet to see anyone make Mt Lady from MHA
    Hey, I have no idea what gts means 😬 If you want to scale the size of the model (to canon heights for example), you can do so and the CUA can be set to the same scale value as they are proportional. Does that help?
    gts= giantess
    also thank you, i somehow missed the scale option for the CUAs
    Please do Yelan From Genshin Impact!!!!
    She's on my list for sure! Kind of missed the window to release her but i'm still interested in doing it.
    Great work, its great seeing some good anime/game character look's coming to VAM :D I noticed you had a few pictures of the game character Nia from Xenoblade in your media and was wondering if you have the looks for it on your Patreon or can give me a tip on where I can find it. I will be looking forward to your future posts :D
    Hey Godsdragoon, thanks for the kind words :) Unfortunately, Nia wasn't for release so isn't available!
    Hey, I was actually interested in this too. Why was Nia never released? Is there a chance she could be someday?
    May I request (not commission) if you can do Professor Juniper and Lorelei?
    Hey CulturalPlankton, I'm a bit busy with IRL work at the moment so haven't had much time to do personal projects. I'll keep this in mind though :)
    No prob. Just wanting to table them :)
    Hi hero, your looks is much better than paid looks. Thank you for sharing. Request for Dynasty Warriors Diao Chan!!!!
    Hey fyxtc, thanks :) glad you like them. I'm not familiar with that character but i'll take a look!
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