Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY7

Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY7 0.5

(Think of it like the movies: they split book 7 into 2 parts so I can too)


Battle Scene 2:
Control Right Hand shield with arrow keys
1st person (Embody)
3rd person (option to make head invisible if it gets in your way)

POV (Embody) - Control both hands with controllers
3rd person - Control Right Hand shield with arrow keys

CHRONOS SPELL: Slow motion support for battle runs scene at 10% speed in case you want to take time to appreciate the blowjob in between missiles. Can be triggered via menu or voice command.


Unless someone posts a suggestion/request that I can't turn down (like how to select sounds & videos from local storage for use in the battle scene), I'm not planning anymore improvements for Scene 1 & 2.
Update 1: Reduced dependencies
Update 2: Bug fixes
Update 3: Scoreboard, Flatter view & Reward
Update 4: Camride
Update 5: Desktop Mode for Battle Scene, Chronos Spells support

All very worthy updates, but I have to admit, although not the main reason I posted 5 updates, I've noticed from others that putting out lots of updates was a good way to build up reaction scores. Being the last of the series I figure that, without a high reaction score, after this one's off the newly released list, the legend of Harry Nelson will be lost to history and this makes me sad :cry:

Maybe once in a generation a hero comes along whose story needs to be told.
I've told Harry's story to the best of my ability, now it's time for you to do your part: Just give it a (y) or some love :love: or even a quick review.
Help me keep Harry's epic tale of getting tail alive to inspire generations to come.

OK, with the begging for feedback portion out of the way, info on final scenes: Beyond logistical details, I haven't started Scenes 3 & 4 yet, but rest assured, there will be more coming....



Scene 1 CamRide is a whole new experience. I won't claim that's the best on here but it's quite a ride.

Harry wakes to discover he's been abducted by the evil Sex Wizard, Nympho Dora. She decides to take his powers for her own in the way of all things sex wizardy: by fucking it out of him.

This was my first attempt at a CamRide scene. I created a GUIDE to share what I learned in case you're interested.
There is a "CamRide" toggle button in the scene. Toggle this ON and a UIButton will appear telling you to put your face here. After aligning your view, hit the button and play the scene.
It's a very slow camride so it's pretty safe for VR.

Harry finds himself under a barrage of magic missiles and must deflect them or die!!! (Think AudioShield)
VR POV - Take over Harry's hands and deflect the missiles
Desktop - Watch Harry be comically bad at deflecting the missiles. Hopefully a desktop mode is coming soon.
The scoreboard tracks your blocks & misses.
Default is pretty easy but maxed out is a workout.








Special Credits:
Farger - Magic assets (fire darts, shields, & explosions) make scene 2. Huge thanks for the custom warding shield!
SPQR - ExtraTriggers plus so many other great plugins
Sally Whitemane - SallySoundFX
epi.noah - epiTemplate, Fx, Skins, etc
Acid Bubbles - timeline, et al.
MacGruber - LogicBricks, PostMagic, SpeechRecog, ...
and... So many others - Sorry for the insanely long list of dependencies. I know a lot of that is junk and I'll try to clean up later before the final version. Like, what's the nun's robe doing in there?
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Desktop Support for Battle Scene

    You can now play the battle mini-game in desktop mode. Use the arrow keys to move Harry's...
  2. CamRide!

    This is my first CamRide. I really like the effect.
  3. Scoreboard, "flatter" view, & reward for a job well done

    Scene1 is unchanged. Scene2 is where the magic happens... I got some great feedback ideas...

Latest reviews

That is really cool that you went the extra mile in supporting desktop mode.
Thanks. I think it turned out pretty good, but the VR version is more fun. The keyboard just can't compare to actually holding your hand up to block a shot, but still a good time. Here's to hoping it racks up the likes so Harry's story can end on a strong note.
Bloody Fanantastic work !! every episode has been first class , thanks Cheers for sharing !!!
Thank you!
Really enjoying this series
Very glad. And thanks for the review!
I really like the effects and the creativity in the narrative, you have an exceptional talent in the technical execution of scenes like this. I think that one aspect that attracts interest in mini-games is a reward element, for example, after successfully blocking incoming attacks, then you get the reward of that special kiss. Wink, wink.
High praise! Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it. The magic assets you've created are obviously a major part here. It just wouldn't be the same with cylinder shields and torches or apt lamps flying at you.
Excellent point on the reward. Game theory 101. I'll put some thought into what kind of reward she might give. Although, tough to top a blowjob.
As always, HNATSB is great. My only suggestion for the missile-blocking scene is the player's body is moved 'flatter', so in POV you can watch the other sex wizard 'work' while deflecting missiles.
There are 2 very distracting things going on at the same time, aren't there? If you notice in the vid capture he looks down a couple times to take in the BJ and gets hit in the process. For that reason alone I think I won't make a single shot kill him. Hmm, maybe I need a hit count?!?
I'll see what I can do to allow POV to take in more of the scene's grandeur. As you said, maybe lay him flatter and have the shots come over her head. I'll play with it.
Thanks for the feedback!
The missile game was awesome! I think I stopped most on the hardest setting, but wasn't really focusing on the dead button.
You want beta tester? Here's my take
good diff
good length
music? I've seen other scenes with a youtube player. Maybe that for variety
Didn't notice bad hits
crashes? none
desktop version? just learned to change app so can't help you there
Wow! Huge thanks for the review! Glad you liked it.
Yes, web panels. I've never played with them but that might be perfect. Great idea!
Again, thanks and I'm glad to hear it's working for somebody else. Oh, and if you want to review my other stuff I wouldn't be offended, even if you give them 4 stars (as long as it's not 3 :) )
CheersMate gets a silent head nod from me. He knows what's up. This is more of what we've come to expect if you've been enjoying his content thus far.
Thanks! For both the silent head nod AND the review.
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