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Guides How to add a CamRide to your scene

Ever wondered how to add a CamRide to your scene? Well I did. With some help from the VaM community and a little trial and error, it turns out it's really easy.

Maybe this is common knowledge and I was the last to know about it but just in case others are confused, I thought I'd share what I learned.

All you really need to know:
Adding the "playerNavCollider" line (see below) to your json save file causes your view to move when you move the PlayerNavigationPanel. What you do after that is up to you.

@pepewigs's CamRide (Camera Ride Feature) Scene gives detailed instructions (and does some of the work for you) on linking the panel to the "Person" atom's head to follow her around. His example scene is the source of the playerNavCollider edit that makes this all work.
You could use an animation pattern or timeline (or probably a dozen different methods) to move the PlayerNavigationPanel during your scene.
I'm going describe linking it to an Empty atom whose position moves throughout a timeline animation.
Note: It's entirely possible that I'm doing something I'm not supposed to so, if you see a flaw or a simple improvement, please share.

VERSION 2 - Originally I used a CUA DLSR camera to show my view. Thank you to @ZRSX for suggesting the use of the built in WindowCamera (see Discussion section). As was pointed out, one of the advantages to using the WindowCamera is the "Display view in HUD" feature. Very handy if you don't wish to follow the camera around throughout the record process. Plus, one less dependency!

1. Add the "playerNavCollider" (in yellow) line near the top of your save file json as shown:
"playerNavCollider" : "PlayerNavigationPanel:Floor",
"playerHeightAdjust" : "-2.363385",
"monitorCameraRotation" : {

2. Add an "Empty" atom (which will be used as your record target) and move the Window Camera to its location. Move via "Select Align To From Scene" to ensure the Empty atom and the WindowCamera share the same orientation.

3. Parent Link the WindowCamera atom to an "Empty" record target atom. Turn the camera on and use as your reference view. The WindowCamera isn't strictly necessary but it will show exactly where you're pointing, simplifying scene framing.

4. Lock Z rotation of the Empty atom if you want the view to remain horizontal. (Probably a good idea)

5. Add the Empty atom control to your timeline targets

6. Move the record target (Empty) position as you step through the animation. I did 5 second intervals for a slow ride.
Note: For me, this was easiest in VR with the VamTimeline.Controller plugin added to a simple sign (and sign linked to the record target) so you can advance frames easily. (Big thanks to @Acid Bubbles for suggesting it in my Q&A query. The controller panel really streamlined things)

VIDEO: Steps 2-6

7. Finally parent link PlayerNavigationPanel to the record target (Empty) and enjoy the ride.

Hopefully that's clear enough. If not, let me know.

My Result:
Check out "Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone, Day 7, Scene 1" for my camride in action. I left all of the buttons and helper elements in the scene (just turned off) for reference.

If you're like me and are prone to motion sickness, maybe don't attempt the camride in VR. Although, the camride in Harry Nelson is so slow even I can handle it. And it is a very cool experience (IMHO) :p.

Additional suggestions (see scene):
I also added a toggle enable and head position button to make the scene move user friendly.
I've gone on other camrides where, if you get your view in the wrong position, the whole scene is screwed.
UIToggle ON --> A button appears telling you where to start. Hit the button to parent link Nav panel and then play (or unfreeze) the animation.
UIToggle OFF --> Disables parent link so the Nav Panel stops moving and you're back to stationary view.

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