Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY7

Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY7 0.5

You can now play the battle mini-game in desktop mode.
Use the arrow keys to move Harry's shield hand to block incoming missiles.
It can be played 1st person by selecting embody or default 3rd person.
If you're playing in 3rd person, the option to make Harry's head disappear makes it easier to see the missiles when viewing from behind him.

Chronos Stopus/Startus
Scene 1: Slow to 1% normal speed
Scene 2: Slow the battle scene down to 10% normal speed. Think Superhot.
The voice command "Chronos" will toggle between 10% and normal speed.
This is my first CamRide.
I really like the effect.
Scene1 is unchanged.

Scene2 is where the magic happens...
I got some great feedback ideas after the last update and tried to work them into this round.

Reward -- After the battle, Winny leans in to give Harry a kiss. I stumbled across a very cool plugin (RubberLeash by Acid Bubbles) that adds a really nice finish to the kiss. In POV, the head location is a little unpredictable so a well aligned kiss is difficult. So, at the end of the animation the RubberLeash is blended in to draw her lips to his. I'll be using this one more often! Thanks Farger

Flatter -- The prison sphere and fire direction is moved down so the shots are skimming just over Winny's back. This way, in POV you can play the game, deflect the shots, and catch the blowjob out of the corner of your eye all at the same time. Great addition. Thanks mdw

Scoreboard -- Hits(red) & Blocks(green) counter. What's the point of playing if nobody keeps score?

Different/longer song -- This was mostly because I'd played the game several times with the other music and wanted something new.

Removed shield size slider -- in never worked right anyway

Aligned missiles so that the tails are pointing the right direction on impact

New dialogue -- Winny's wants you to know how wet she is

Other small tweaks not worth mentioning.

Music variety -- I still want a system to change the music. No luck on that front yet. I did find home theatre plugin from VamSander (not on hub) that allowed for selecting files from PC. I need to dig into the code and see what's going on there and see if I can replicate.

Desktop mode mini-game -- I'm thinking I could enable one hand to move based on keyboard arrow keys (left/right/up/down).

Camride -- Scene1 is begging for a camride. I've never had one of those before because they don't work with VR but again gotta throw a bone to the desktop crowd.

Please submit any and all suggestions. I want the finale to be the best of the series.
I added a slider control to adjust the speed of the incoming missiles. 0.5x to 1.5x seemed like a good range.
Also made several minor fixes. I'm sure I'm forgetting some but here's what I remember:
  • additional audio clips (e.g. "Good, don't fight it", etc)
  • prison sphere disappearing
  • the stars spinning back to the original position (probably could have considered this a feature instead of a bug)
  • dress front flap hanging up on her approach
I'm still trying to work out how to add customizable music. You can always replace the audio trigger but that's obviously not ideal so I've got a Q&A post out for suggestions. So far no hits.
Unfortunately, the web panel audio does not trigger SallySoundFX (thanks @trashman69 for the suggestion) so back to square one.
I'm hoping for at least the ability to select a video or audio file from a computer folder to play instead of the default attack music.

Also, I was really hoping for more feedback. I think the mini-game is a lot of fun and surprised I only got 1 response regarding that. Even if you don't have any ideas to improve it, I'd still like to hear that you enjoyed it.
Still a lot, but down from 88!
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