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This plugin is a remixed/salvaged/refactored version of the numerous plugins and scripts which are "around" that deal with making body parts disappear or transparent. The main difference is that this plugin is less "aggressive" in replacing shaders (= only when transparency or hiding is required) so that it can work together with plugins such as "Automatic Body Smoother" from Hunting Succubus.

From v5 onwards, the plugin also manages Alpha Masks, e.g., to hide specific parts of a larger body part down to pixel level. This function uses the "Skin Hider Mask" clothing item of Hunting Succubus' "HideSkinByMask" plugin to manage the alpha mask textures, but it does NOT require the script of that plugin.
Warning: Updating to v5 will likely mess up scenes that use the formerly boolean On/Off "Visibility" settings as there are now three options: On/Alpha Mask/Off. Also, if you play around too much, an Alpha Mask might "stick" and you can't turn it off anymore. In that case, disabling and re-enabling the plugin should help.

The included scene demonstrates a few of the controls, there are more in the plugin settings itself.


For every body part, it is possible to change "Visibility" (On/Alpha Mask/Off), "Transparency", and "Render Queue". Select the type of parameter and expand/collapse the three body region "groups" (head/upper body/lower body) to see the controllers. To avoid UI overload, only one kind of parameter is visible at a time.

Be mindful with the "Global Transparency" slider (and script parameter) as it overwrites ALL transparency sliders.

One slightly tricky aspect is the render queue setting for certain parts when transparent. The plugin uses a default of 2450 (exception: Tear line = 3000), which should preserve shadows and work for most of the body parts, but causes a little problem with the scalp. In the demo scene, notice that the scalp is set to render queue 2455 to avoid that problem.

Thanks to ZRSX and cmramlow for the discussion and help that led to this plugin.
Thanks to Hunting Succubus and ddaamm for their awesome resources.
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Perfect! I’ve struggled with getting this working with the existing plugins but this one worked perfectly, the single slider to vanish the whole person was so easy.
Easy to use and works perfect, great work.
Good UI, this hides everything including the tongue. You did miss the gloss texture for the eyeballs.
I am aware of this bug, but I don't know which shader parameter would take care of that... *clackediclackediclack...*, Oh, OK, now I know. Bugfix available :-) Thanks for the nudge.
This review box cannot contain the amount of stars for this effort, this creative genius, this push through resilience of a mega nuke bomb drop of a release which seemingly no one else was capable of doing - you sir, are a Master
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