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V5 of the plugin now also supports the use of Alpha Masks to hide skin parts down to pixel level if needed.
See the description for instructions and likely compatibility issues when upgrading (if you have used Visibility settings)!
TLDR: You'll need HuntingSuccubus' "HideSkinByMask" plugin for the SkinHiderMask clothing that manages the Alpha Masks (but not the plugin that comes with it). Then, in the "Visibility" settings, simply choose "Alpha Mask" instead of "On".
Oh, man, looks like one cannot edit/re-upload a var in a butchered new version post... No changes to the actual plugin, just trying to get the update page look correct.
  • Using the previous shader's values for alpha as minimum to avoid "popping in" of parts such as the tear line
  • Tear line and Eye Reflection have custom Render Queue values that are now not automatically overridden by the Global Render Queue slider
  • Eye Reflection RQ is now 2460 by default, so it is rendered after the scalp (before that, the scalp would make the reflection disappear)
  • Expanded the help text
  • Changed controllers of person to make her look less bow-legged in the idle animation
I finally found out why in the original versions of this script, the specular colour was always set to black: to get rid of the eye reflection. But that brute force approach also got rid of all shininess/gloss of the skin. Fixed by only applying this approach to the "EyeReflection" material. Thanks, @maskedman3 for the nudge to investigate this.
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