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Quick Expectation-Setting Note: This method only converts the underlying model/morphs. Any textures/specs/gloss/normals don't transfer/won't work. Technically, there are methods to get those converted, but they are detailed/complicated enough that they'd warrant their own guide.

I have gotten a lot of value from other people's guides, so I thought I'd give back by making one of my own :)

1) You're going to want to go to the person you want to change and open the Male Morphs tab to start.

2) Select "Use Female Morphs on Male" in the top right.

3) Two options down, select Zero All. (This gets rid of any random morphs that might be applied that might unintentionally make a difference in how they look when you change the skin).

4) Find the MVR_G2Female Morph and set it at max.

EDIT: As the ever-helpful WeebUVR pointed out, there's a built-in morph for this step!
I'm pretty sure it's in VaM by default, but, if not, just download pretty much any existing Futa VAR and it will be included. (Turns out that's not the case. I found this morph posted on the Discord and I think it's the right one: download link on Mega.)

5) Go down to the Skin Select tab. See which skin is active, because there are bone structure things that can make a difference in how morphs transfer over. Using the Kayla, Lexi, Maria, Mia or Simone skins makes the transfer to Futa most seamless.

6) For this guide, I'm going to first switch the skin to Kayla so that you can see what the best-case situation is:

7) Go to the last page (for me it's 4) and choose which Futa skin you'd like. Because female Kayla was my base, I'm going to choose Futa Kayla

8) Tadaa! You've got a Futa version of your model. Skin Textures/Normals/Makeup/Hair don't transfer over, so if those things were a big part of the female model, you're mostly out of luck. But, by doing the steps above, you can usually get something pretty close to start from.

- Additional Info/Tidbits -

1) It's worth checking the Skin Materials 1 tab because they often have built-in options that change how the character looks, so fiddling with those available sliders is often worth it:

2) In making this guide, I realized that the base Skin/Specular/Subsurface defaults are different for the Futa and non-Futa versions of the Kayla skin, so you might want to copy those values over if you want closer to a 1:1 female-to-futa experience

In conclusion, good luck and happy VaMming :D
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Way easier than I thought! Thank you so much.
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Easy and to the point!
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Great process to follow and easily converted one in a matter of minutes! If anyone's doing this with a custom texture, there's a great plugin called UVSwapper that was recently released and will make converting skins easy with the exception that it doesn't have the male gens transfer but still amazing overall.
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So easy! One issue i'm having is that male hair is only available, (and there's only two) Do I need to download female styled hair for a male character?
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I've used this guide frequently. Works awesomely every time.
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As a newbie, i would have never figured this out...thank you <3
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clear, concise instructions to get desired results. well done, and many thanks!
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Thanks for the inspiration, I didn't realize how easy this was. I created this plugin which will help create a matching female and male (futa) if you use the same skins.
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is it possible to turn futa into female?
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Nice guide, but is there a guide on how to change the texture from Female to Male and how to create gen textures for the male?
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