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Disclaimer: This is still a work in progress and is still pretty rough. May mess up your character textures.

This plugin allows rendering of selected body parts on top of all other textures in the scene. Can be used to achieve an x-ray like effect.

At a high level, it works by stacking an extra camera on the scene that renders above the main camera. The internal mechanics are fairly sketchy and I'm surprised it works at all.

The default model only has soft physics for the outer vagina. You may want to also try my other plugin that adds soft physics for the inner vagina as well

Known issues:
  • Doesn't work in VR.
  • The parts are labeled based on the internal name of the material, which aren't always descriptive.
    • Female genitalia is under 'defaultMat-1'.
  • Renders on top of UI. This can't be fixed.
  • Might decide to render the character as all white.
  • Might cause all character textures to disappear. I think I've worked out most of the ways this happens but who knows.
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Waited feature, thanks
if you get this working on genitalia youll be my hero
It does... Female genitalia is at the bottom of the list under 'defaultMat-1'. Male genitalia is the second 'Genitalia-1' on the list.

These are the internal names of the materials for those parts, but I guess I aught to label them better.
Great plugin, I would also like to have an option to display only penises, like "Genitalia-1"!
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