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Now attempts to use the appropriate camera for desktop and VR. Credit to @everlaster for showing me how to do it. Hopefully helps people who are seeing issues with VR.
  • Fixed saving and loading of custom textures (third tab of material options)
  • Added an alpha mask for female genitalia that omits most of the pelvis.
    • Needs to be set manually
  • Fixed issue where I was actually rendering each texture twice (once in the overlay camera and once on the main camera). No more z-fighting!
    • 1684616014667.png
  • Added camera selection. This was primarily to help VR users, for whom the main camera doesn't work.
As MerGe pointed out, plugin previously didn't load properly in some circumstances.
  • Script previously used the material options UI for female eyelashes as the general template. This caused a failure if no female models were loaded prior to initialization.
  • Similar to above, character UI aren't loaded until opened, so loading from scene failed on the first scene loaded.
At least these two issues appear to be fixed. There might be others. Let me know...
Added some basic support for Toys and unity assets. In theory, it should work on anything with a default Renderer.

Some caveats:
  • Unlike for people, this doesn't create separate materials for the overlay and just moves the whole object into the overlay camera.
  • No material controls, i.e. no way to make something transparent that wasn't before (except toys which have material controls)
    • Might figure this out later if people ask for it, thought it probably won't play nice with the UnityAssetVamifier or other similar plugins.
A few improvements...
  • Will now save/restore with a scene.
  • Enabling/disabling body parts will not clear material options.

Takes longer to load now. This is due to initializing all of the UIs.
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