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[Experimental] Soft Physics for Inner Vagina

Plugins [Experimental] Soft Physics for Inner Vagina 3

This plugin adds soft physics to the inner vagina. It's mostly meant to be used with my other plugin that allows rendering of body parts as an overlay.

Disclaimer: As with many of my plugins, this extends VAM in a way it wasn't designed to be extended. As such, there'll be bugs and limitations on how well it works. Let me know if you have issues and I'll see what I can do.

  1. Add as a plugin on a Female model.
  2. Wait for a log line that says "Successfully added..."
Alternatively, add as a Scene Plugin and it'll apply to female models loaded after.

  • Don't add it to a Male model. It loads fine but I have no idea what it'll make soft.
  • There aren't too many morphs that modify the inside of the vagina, since it's not typically very visible.
  • You'll probably notice that the vagina 'inverts' as you slide something in. This is a consequence of how the vagina's geometry is set up. The left inner wall is connected to the right outer area. I'm not sure why that is.
    • The "Vag inside larger" morph helps with this to some extent.
    • If anyone has the DAZ file for VAM's genitalia and morph experience (I have neither), and would be willing to make a morph that untangles this, I will love you forever.
  • The xray-body plugin supports alpha masks, which can be used to hide the pelvis. I'll package one up with the xray body plugin later.
  • This currently creates a separate soft set for every individual vertex for the inner vagina, and links them to its neighbors with springs. That's a lot of additional physics objects for Unity to deal with.
    • The FPS drop wasn't too bad for me, but let me know if you see issues and I can try to optimize it.

The total code in the plugin is in no way representative of how much trial, error, and tinkering it took to get it to work passably well. That being said, once I had the basics down it's actually not all that bad to add new soft meshes. If anyone's interested in adding soft physics to more of the body, contact me and I can share what I've learned so far. PM me on hub, or find me on discord as Stopper#0743
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Latest updates

  1. Customizable Physics Settings. Various improvements to look and performance.

    A lot of various improvements with this update. In general it should behave a lot better...
  2. Now works as a regular Person plugin

    So after a bit more work I've figured out how to add new soft physics meshes at runtime. You can...

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Tested this in a very busy scene with lots of atoms & plugins and it worked flawlessly. This is much needed and is long overdue! Great work and thank you!!!!!
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Appreciate! Nice project!
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