DoA Kasumi

Looks DoA Kasumi 2.0


DoA - Kasumi

Do NOT use model or clothing on any patreon posts / paid works.


If you would like to commission a model port (DAZ, MMD, Blender, Koikatsu) feel free to get in touch.

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Package includes:
  • Full Morph
  • Textures
  • Clothing
  • Hair - Mix of CUA & Clothing
Environment not included.

Important Note: If upper teeth are misaligned, please use the pose preset to snap them back into position.

Required Downloads:

Reccomended Downloads:
For easy loading of hair asset into other scenes.

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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. V2 - Fix for teeth + hidden anatomy.

    If you are having issues with the upper teeth being aligned incorrectly (on any model), please...

Latest reviews

DoA girls are life 😍😍😍
These are so good. You do wonderful work. My vote for next DOA model (I know I don't really get a vote, lol) would be Marie Rose.
Great Job! Thanks for sharing!
Great port bro
sweetz lookz dude!
Perfect work! I hope that there will also be a Momiji Look. That would be awesome :O I would also pay for that :D
Spot on accurate! thanks for sharing this :)
Been waiting for an update to the Kasumi look, looks amazing! One problem though, her top teeth are missing, so some of the expressions hella funky.
Thanks, glad you like it. The upper teeth are technically in the correct place, but for some reason when loading the model fresh, they get misalligned. It can be fixed by applying a pose preset (some work, some don't). I'm going to update the .var later and will include a pose preset that works. Once the pose is applied, the teeth will remain in the correct spot no matter what you do with the model. It's a strange bug... Thanks for pointing it out though!
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