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  1. UJVAM

    Paid Looks RIE 理恵 V.1

    Thank you for waiting. Through the fine tuning, it was finally released! She is a married woman from Hakata, Fukuoka. She is secretary of the president of a trading company. She is very attentive and graceful woman. But she gets wild at night. Please spend a sweet time with her. Check my...
  2. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks NATSUMI 夏美 V.1

    Now I release look NATSUMI. I met her at a ski resort in Hokkaido. She said she saw snow for the first time.... 夏美をリリースします。 北海道のスキー場で出会いました。 彼女は初めて雪を見たそうです。 夏美なのに冬のスキー場・・・。気にしないでください。 Have fun!!!
  3. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks SAYA 沙耶 V.1

    She is SAYA who is an announcer. I adjusted clothes(Meshed VR) . How do you think about her? 彼女は沙耶。女子アナをイメージしてます。 服はデフォルトのMeshdVRの服をいじってそれっぽくしてます。 本当はもっとおしゃれな服が欲しいんだけど、自分で作れないもので。 誰か作ってください!! 感想をお待ちしております! -- Check my twitter https://twitter.com/ujvam
  4. UJVAM

    Looks KIYOMI Refined V.2

    KIYOMIをリファインしてみました。 頭と体のバランスを見直し、日本人の女の子に多い155cmくらいの小柄な感じにしました。 顔もぽっちゃりしすぎてたので、すっきりさせて、ややたれ目にしました。気づいたら、もはや別人になってる?まあ、これはこれで可愛くなったと思うので、NEW KIYOMIとして可愛がってあげてください。 I tried to refine KIYOMI. I reviewed the balance between head and body and made it look as small as 155 cm, which is common among...
  5. null7881

    Looks [Look] [Hairstyle] Megumi 1

    Megumi - Japanese age 21. enjoy! Credits : Skin base VaM Japan A https://vamjapan.com/vamjapan-a/
  6. UJVAM

    Paid Looks KIMI  希美 V.1

    KIMI is one of my favorite cute girls I have created. I was hiding her. (^^) I think the glittering eyeshadow around the eyes is nice, how about it? We look forward to hearing from you! 希美は私が創造してきた中でも、超お気に入りの女の子です。 少し出し惜しみしてました(笑) 目元のキラキラのアイシャドウがいい感じと思いますが、いかがでしょうか。 感想お待ちしています!...
  7. PeteyTheKittler

    Paid Looks Japanese AV Star Yuko 2020-11-09

    Look inspired by famous and cute Japanese AV Star Yuko I don't use FaceGen/Foto2Vam and do everything by hand. It took me over 6 hours to make this look and I used more than 120 different morphs. If you like my work and want to help me make more high quality looks, please consider supporting...
  8. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks MAMI V.1

    I met MAMI at Tokyo. She was sexy and cool woman. What do you think her? Please tell me your impressions! Your impressions motivate me! CREDIT(Special thanks ) AcidBubbles.ColliderEditor.29 By: AcidBubbles https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-collider-editor...
  9. AmineKunai

    Clothing Japanese Baggy Socks 2020-11-03

    Hey ho, my lovely pervs! Here some warmy stuff for your waifus! There are two cloth pieces: warm socks and baggy socks. I made it with light grey color to let you to make any color you want in VAM. Have fun! New stuff on the way!
  10. null7881

    Assets Simple Japanese-style room 1

    This is a simple Japanese-style room asset.
  11. PeteyTheKittler

    Looks Japanese Porn Star Aoi 2020-11-01

    Based on cute porn star Aoi from Japan. If you want to know more about the real life templates for my looks, check out the info on Patreon. Hope you like the look! :) I appreciate your feedback! If you like my work and want to help me to reach my goal to become a full time 3D artist, please...
  12. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks KEIKO V.1

    Thanks for waiting! I met KEIKO at Tokyo. I fell in love with her at first sight. I created her smile-morph, too. Have Fun! CREDIT Roac.Long_shy.latest By: Roac Link: patreon.com/Roac
  13. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks YUKA 40 years old V.1

    YUKA is 3 generation series with young YUKA(18), adult YUKA(23), and mature YUKA(40). Please enjoy the work of UJVAM! This YUKA is 40 years old . I expressed the sex appeal of a mature woman. She is my favorite of women. YUKAは、若いYUKA、大人のYUKA、熟女のYUKAと3世代シリーズです。 UJVAM渾身のLookをぜひご堪能あれ!...
  14. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks YUKA 18 years old V.1

    YUKA is a three generation series with young YUKA(18), adult YUKA(23), and mature YUKA(40). Please enjoy the look of UJVAM whole body! This fresh girl,YUKA is 18years old at night of the fireworks of summer. YUKAは、若いYUKA、大人のYUKA、熟女のYUKAと3世代シリーズです。UJVAM渾身のLookをぜひご堪能あれ! YUKA 23 years old is...
  15. UJVAM

    Paid Early-Access Looks YUKA 23years old V.1.2

    ☆Fix link! i’m sorry.... UKA is a three generation series with young YUKA(18), adult YUKA(23), and mature YUKA(40). Please enjoy the look of UJVAM whole body! This YUKA is 23years old. The remaining two YUKA will be released later...
  16. Oronan

    Looks [Look] Nozomi 2020-10-02

    Hello! She is Nozomi! Credit: RenVR - June's Look PackAimi skin (Edited a bit) Requirements: NoOC - SailorLingerie Oronan Hair pack 3 Thank you!!
  17. ModsCreator

    Paid Clothing Dress_Mod11 2020-09-19

  18. S

    Looks Shiho a Japanese look 1

    My first model. Her name is Shiho, she is a typical Japanese but not so beautiful.
  19. VaMdashi

    Paid Looks Rio Yoshikawa 1

    She is a Japanese actress, an ex-Pin-up girl. Hair by Oronan / Bob Thanks very much.
  20. VaMdashi

    Paid Looks Yukime Kawaura 1

    She is a Japanese Pin-up girl. Hair by Roac / Roac Summer Thanks for the great creator. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vamdashi
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