Paid Plugins DirectorNeoVAM

Fixed a bug that VAM freezes at the end.
(1)Improved character replacement function
(2)Look action logic changes. Implementation of pupil changes and eye sway.
(1)Improved look action behavior.
(1)Added UI show/hide button.

(2)Fixed a bug related to loop execution of look action.
(3)Added the function to stop the look action.
(1) Fixed a bug that a small blue box is displayed on the screen.
(2) Changed the delimiter method when defining multiple words in a voice event from spaces to commas.
This fix makes it possible to recognize words such as "Sit down".
(1) Fixed a bug that STOP cannot be performed while playing quad animation.
(2) Fixed a bug that the VR camera movement check box function is not working in quad animation.
(3) Action execution delay time can be set for snap animation, pair snap animation, and sound action.
(1)Added a function to express tears and drooling to the liquid action function.
(2)Improved the hanging type operation of the liquid action function.

(1)Fixed a bug that audio volume, pitch, and 3D sound settings were not reflected in quad animation.
(2)Fixed that costume removal by snap animation did not work in quad animation.
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