Paid Plugins DirectorNeoVAM

(1) Fixed a bug in the link recording function
(2) Addition of sounds that can be used in the free edition
(1)Fixed a bug where the hourglass would continue to appear.
(2)Fixed a bug related to scene transition.
(1)Fixed a bug in the link recording function.
(2)Added the function to look the camera on the trigger link.
(3)Register sample data in the link recording preset.
(4)Display a list of missing resources when loading a scene.
(1)Link recording function added.
(2)Fixed a bug that the UI cannot be operated after the mouse cursor is erased with the tab key.
(3)Added UI show / hide button.
(4)Changed to apply the look of the base character when creating a snap animation.
(1)Improved dildo mounting function for special action
(2)Improvement of respiratory action function
(3)Various other corrections
(1) You can now set the color and transparency of the liquid action.
(2) Liquid can now be used for "Player ‡ MainCamera" in the liquid action.
(3) "Player ‡ MainCamera" can now be used in the parent Atom of the pair snap animation.
(4) Adjusted the collision area of the touch action of "Player ‡ Main Camera".
Fixed a bug that VAM freezes at the end.
(1)Improved character replacement function
(2)Look action logic changes. Implementation of pupil changes and eye sway.
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